These Siblings Got Perfect Matching Tattoos, and Honestly, I'm Calling My Sister | 22 Words

Siblings have a special bond like no other. If you have siblings, you know what that is all about. Sometimes, you are best friends with your siblings, and that is great, but often, siblinghood goes beyond friendship. That familial bond is something special. And that special bond deserves to be commemorated.

Romantic relationships may end, but family is forever. That is why matching tattoos are the perfect way to establish your sibling connection in ink, on your body forever! There are endless possibilities for designs and pictures that represent your connection to your siblings.

Maybe you have a phrase or saying that means a lot to you, or maybe you are both well-represented by the ocean and the forest. Maybe you love playing video games together or watching The Simpsons. Whatever your connection is represented by can be the basis for adorable matching tattoos like these!

Sure, siblings fight every now and then.

But ultimately, the connection between siblings is unbreakable and forever, like a tattoo! Here are some of the greatest matching sibling tattoos we could find!

Card suits

This is perfect if there are four of you! But which one is which? That's something that you'll have to fight amongst yourselves to figure out.

To infinity and beyond

When you have a sibling, you will go to infinity and beyond for each other. That's the way it works!

Peanut brother and jelly

A+ for an iconic duo and an honestly brilliant pun. These siblings get it.

Geometric order

Love these triangles that each have a different one colored in (I assume for their birth order). What a great idea.

Pinky promise

What an adorable idea! This brother and sister pair are bonded for life now if they weren't before!

Vase and flowers

Without each other, they're perfectly sturdy but a little incomplete! Together, it makes the most sense.


Matching Simba tattoos are so good. The Lion King has had such a profound impact on a lot of siblings I know.

Land and water

These are great because like this pair of siblings, who are different and unique, yet cut from the same cloth.

Sun, moon, and stars

A perfect trio for a perfect well, trio! In your set of siblings, who's the sun, who's the moon, and who's the stars?

The greatest gift

This awesome tattoo says, "The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other." So cute, right?

Sisters swinging

This is adorable but I hope that '99 and '02 aren't the years that these young women were born because if that's the case, I'm going to feel old.


Love this! Simple, classy, and cool. If you have three other siblings, this is an awesome option.

Bart and Lisa

Bart and Lisa Simpson are some of the most iconic TV siblings out there. Maybe you are both huge fans. Maybe you need these tattoos!

Player one and player two

One of these siblings was moving away, so they got this tattoo to commemorate their connection through video games. How cute is this?!

Arrow lines

Simple, elegant, and unique! With each line in bold, these tattoos are like the siblings themselves: unique, but also sort of the same!

Roman numerals

This is a cute and simple way to ink your connection to your siblings. And you know, to brag about your birth order.

Note from mom

Well, now I'm going to cry. Love that these siblings got matching tattoos of a note from their mom in her handwriting and everything.

Berenstain Bears

Brother Bear and Sister Bear from The Berenstain Bears are a great symbol of sibling love. I love that the guy got Sister Bear and the girl got Brother Bear because now they're always with each other!


I love this tattoo, and the fact that these siblings both got matching ones makes it that much better!


I'm not sure exactly what these coordinates lead to, but I bet it's the home they grew up in. That would be beautiful.

Fingerprint hearts

I wonder if these hearts are made from each other's fingerprints! This is such a cute idea.

Citrus slices

I wonder if the whole lemon belongs to the parent! I'm a big fan of photorealistic illustrations of fruit. These are so cool!


This is an especially clever tattoo for siblings that come from an Irish family! Simple and delicate and adorable.

Tiny hearts

I don't know about you, but I love teeny tiny tattoos like this. Now, these two have each other's hearts with them wherever they go!

Deathly Hallows

Are you and your siblings big Harry Potter nerds, I mean, fans? Then the Deathly Hallow is a perfect matching tattoo! Especially if there are three of you.

No matter where

"No matter where" these siblings end up, they will always be with each other and be reminded of each other now that they have these tattoos.


We're all an Animaniac inside! The only question is which one are you?


Now they will always be pointed toward each other. So simple and yet so full of personality!

A phone call away

This tattoo will always remind you that you are only one call away from your sibling. Share this with your siblings and start thinking up your own ideas for your matching tattoos!