It genuinely makes me despair that I am still having to write about things like this.

I honestly thought that, by the year 2019, we would be finished with all this nonsense. But no. There are people out there who are still running around, killing defenseless animals, then attempting to justify it by calling it a "sport." The majority of us are repulsed whenever a new picture of a proud and beaming trophy hunter, sitting on top of a recent kill, emerges every few weeks on the internet.

And the most recent one has caused complete outrage, as a couple have posed kissing behind a lion that they just mercilessly shot down in cold blood.

Keep reading to see the incriminating picture, but, be warned: It's a disturbing sight.

Curiously, trophy hunting is still legal.

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Trophy hunting is the hunting and killing of wild animals for human recreation. The animals are often bred in captivity and are released into a fenced off area where they are cornered in and gunned down by excitable hunters.

They are bred to be hunted.

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Across Africa, there are hundreds of breeding facilities that churn out thousands of innocent animals to be hunted. The animals involved are habituated from an early age, often through being hand-reared and bottle-fed, so that they are no longer naturally fearful of people, making them easy targets for a rifle or bow when it comes to the hunt.

This is the main reason that many travel abroad to hunt.

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Because, here in the US, deer hunting is the most extreme that regulated and legal animal hunting will get. For the big macho hunters out there, deer are seen as child's play; many hunters want to take on larger, more dangerous animals. They must be insecure about something...

Though partaking in the sport comes with a hefty price tag.

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Keen hunters have been known to fork out tens of thousands of dollars just to corner an innocent and frightened animal and shoot it dead. The average price to hunt a lion in Africa is around $20,000, whereas an elephant can cost as much as $40,000.

Trophy hunting is a booming business.

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The industry employs ranchers, outfitters, professional hunters, gun manufacturers, and taxidermists alike. People with time, money, and a propensity for killing keep the business going at the rate of $200 million a year.

Some hunters try to justify their spending...

By claiming that they're helping to fund conservation efforts with the money that they pay to hunt. I don't think they realize just how ridiculous that sounds, do they?

Some hunters claim to help endangered species with their hunting.

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Back in January 2014, Corey Knowlton from Dallas, bid $350,000 for a permit to hunt and kill a then-endangered black rhino in Namibia. "I felt like from day one it was something benefiting the black rhino," Knowlton told CNN. "Being on this hunt, with the amount of criticism it brought and the amount of praise it brought from both sides, I don't think it could have brought more awareness to the black rhino." The Black Rhino is now fully extinct, with poaching and hunting being the primary factors to the species' decline.

People have long protested the act of trophy hunting.

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Because, thankfully, we're not all barbaric and blood-crazed monsters.

And celebrities have even voiced their disgust at the activity...

British comedian and actor, Ricky Gervais, has always been incredibly vocal on his stance about animal rights. In this tweet, Ricky expresses his contempt and repulsion over the way that rich hunters not only kill innocent animals, but exploit the needs of the poor.

Though this hasn't stopped hunters from proudly displaying their trophies.

Perhaps the most barbaric part of all this is the "trophy selfie" that hunters have got into the habit of taking. Once they've killed the animal, they position the corpse into a pose that they see fit and stand proudly next to (or sometimes on top of) their kill.

The photos are the most talked-about aspect of trophy hunting.

Because what could be more normal than slaughtering a defenseless animal and then posing for a picture next to its corpse?

And one couple have now taken things one step further...

By posing with the corpse of a lion that they had just killed, kissing over it. Not your usual husband-wife photo shoot.

The couple were hunting in South Africa.

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Darren and Carolyn Carter, from Alberta, Canada, were taking part in a tour organized by Legelela Safaris. The tour operator regularly shares snaps of dead animals alongside proud hunters, often grinning as they hold up their guns, on their Facebook page, which appears to have been taken down.

The couple are no strangers to the hunt.

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The pair, who fittingly run their own taxidermy business, have described themselves as "passionate conservationists," despite taking part in hunts, reports The Mirror.

They have been pictured together with slaughtered animals in the past.

Though this picture looks like anything but conservation, don't you think?

But their most recent picture has reached new levels of repulsive.

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There it is. There must be something seriously wrong with you to make you want to make out over the corpse of a beautiful lion. When asked to comment on the newly-viral selfie, Mr. Carter told the Mirror: "We aren’t interested in commenting on that at all. It’s too political."

The selfie has been met with nothing but disgust.

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Eduardo Goncalves, the founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, spoke on the matter: "There is nothing romantic about killing an innocent animal. It looks as though this lion was a tame animal killed in an enclosure, bred for the sole purpose of being the subject of a smug selfie. This couple should be utterly ashamed of themselves, not showing off and snogging for the cameras."

The news comes amid another storm in the world of trophy hunting.

Just last week, a dentist in Brazil came under fire after it conspired that he and his gang of poachers had killed over 1,000 protected jaguars.

The world was horrified when gruesome images of the hunts emerged...

Reports stated that the longest-serving member of the gang, and certainly the most prolific, was Temistocles Barbosa Freire, a dentist who is believed to have illegally killed over 1,000 jaguars since 1987.

The group slaughtered thousands of animals.

Reports state that, in the three months in which the police monitored the gang, they killed "8 jaguars, 13 capybaras, 10 collared peccaries, and 2 deer." When will this madness end?