‘Sick’ Kevin Hart Joke Goes Viral After Car Crash

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In the early hours of Sunday morning, comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, was involved in a major road traffic accident and had sustained “serious injuries” as a result.

Hart was accompanied in the vehicle by 2 other people and managed to escape the written-off car, which had been rolled over onto its back, to find help. Though it is a miracle that no one died in the horrific accident, it has been reported that Hart and his friend, Jared Black, have both suffered “major back injuries.”

But, despite the severity of the accident, the internet has still managed to see the funny side of it, with one particular “sick” Kevin Hart joke going viral.

Keep scrolling to find out what on Earth people could possibly be joking about.

Though his career in stand-up comedy got off to a rocky start, Kevin has gradually become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars.

And has become globally known and loved for his unique and comedic acting style.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, reports of a major car accident in Malibu started flooding in.  

Which was bought by Hart as a fortieth birthday present to himself back in July. The day before the accident, Kevin posted a video of himself in his vintage ride, as someone yelled at him for laying down too much rubber on the street as he spun out his tires.

According to reports, the vehicle was been driven by Hart’s friend, Jared Black, twenty-eight, in the West Valley.

While Black’s fiance, Rebecca Broxterman, thirty-one and a personal trainer, was sat in the back.

Jared, who is an actor, producer, and director, turned from the southbound Cold Canyon Road to eastbound Mulholland Highway.  

Hart’s car tumbled off the Mulholland Highway and subsequently plummeted 10 feet deep into a gully off the windy road on the Los Angeles coast.

And they highlight just how violent the accident really was, as the fence on the side of the road lays in tatters.

When the vehicle smashed into the wooden fence off the highway, the entire roof was crushed, leaving the vintage car in complete ruins. The official police report described the accident on September 1st: “at approximately 0045 hours, A 1970 Plymouth Barracuda driven by Jared Black turned from the southbound Cold Canyon Road to eastbound Mulholland Highway. Black immediately lost control of the vehicle and the Plymouth left the road and rolled over down the northern embankment.”

And Hart was the first to emerge from the vehicle in the search for medical attention and help. He was then picked up by a member of his security team before being taken to the hospital.

And the fire department had to saw off the roof to get him out. He was then reportedly airlifted to UCLA Westwood hospital.

Broxterman was freed from the car and “suffered only 1 complaint of pain.”

As they have suffered “major” back injuries as a result of the accident, police have reported. The details about these injuries remain unclear, but many are worried as to whether the men will ever fully recover from such an injury.

California Highway Police confirmed that Black was not under the influence, and had not been drinking prior to the accident.

Including actor and good friend of Hart’s, Terry Crews, who told his “brother” to get well soon with a heart and prayer emoji.

People have noted that Hart’s accident should serve as a reminder that we should “treat people better.”

People from around the world have been hailing the star “an icon, a legend, a friend.”

The details about his injuries remain hazy, leaving people on Twitter to simply hope and pray that he will make a full recovery.

Other fans have had a slightly different reaction following the tragic news.

Many people on twitter have somehow seen the funny side of the devasting accident.

And it all surrounds Kevin Harts’ height – or lack of height.

But it seems like many people on Twitter couldn’t help but make the jibe.

The actor and comedian is only 5 ft 3 and has long been the center of height-themed jibes.  

Hundreds of “booster seat”-related jokes have surfaced on Twitter today following the incident.

Looks like people just can’t help themselves, despite the seriousness of the accident.

Couldn’t people lay off the height jokes just for today?

So many people are trolling the star today.

Yes, it probably is too soon.

People clearly can’t decide on whether he was or wasn’t “using” a booster seat. But is this really the time to joke? After all, his injuries seem to be pretty serious and who knows what damage has been done?

And whether Kevin will ever fully recover from this horrific accident remains unknown. We send all our love to Kevin and Jared and wish them a speedy recovery.