25 Signs of True Intelligence | 22 Words

We’ve all got out up days and down days; times when we solve a problem and feel like the smartest person in the room, or make a mistake and feel idiotic.

But how can you tell if you’re really on the right track when it comes to acting intelligently?

Check out these 25 signs of a truly intelligent person!

You're an obervant reader.

People who have heard of the book think Frankenstein was the monster. People who have read the book know that Frankenstein created the monster. People who understand the book know that Frankenstein was the monster. -Destroyer_SkyTDM

You're curious.

Everyone has plenty of questions if they find out you have an interesting job, like an airline pilot or pro athlete. But the really smart people have just as many questions for the plumber or grave digger. -Scrappy_Larue

You doubt.

The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. ― Charles Bukowski

You're able to find humor in small, incongruous things.

They find humor in subtle incongruities. For example, there's a description of hacker humor in the original Jargon File that mentions that if someone holds up a green card with the word "red" on it, a lot of hackers would find that amusing. -Polymathic

You give complex answers.

If they give very good answers to questions that almost certainly wouldn't work in a television interview, that may be a flag as well. -Polymathic

You read. A lot.

If they read voraciously and find ways to apply that information in their life in a consistent, if sporadic, way, that might also be a sign. -Polymathic

You don’t rely on 5-question quizzes for an IQ test.

"We can accurately guess your IQ based on your top 5 90's sitcoms!" -TheBraveBadger

You're humble.

Humility: people sometimes say that "he who truly is the king, does not have to say he is the king". Most of the time they'll tell it not in regards to intelligence, but I do believe it works. -Unconqureclya

You know it's okay to have strengths and weaknesses.

There are also different things related to intelligence that different people are good at. Some people are good at languages and some people are good at math. Even within a subject like math, there are people with different skills! -UnderstandPhysics

You know it's better to ask questions.

Better to ask and sound stupid than to keep quiet and stay stupid. -DeGozaruNyan When it comes to things you're not as knowledgeable about, it’s also important to be able to admit when you’re wrong and be unafraid to ask questions about anything and everything you’re trying to learn. This next one is a little more nuanced...

You can turn an idea over in your mind and examine it.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle

You can understand opposing views.

Being able to understand opposing viewpoints. Most things in the world are not black and white, and most people are not doing things contradictory to their self-interest. -CountUlaenes

You're a good listener.

The ability to listen to others even if they aren't using the most efficient way of communicating, bridging the gap of understanding for the sake of getting the message behind what they say. If you act like a grammatical error or misspelling trips you up so badly, your'e not proving your'e smart, your'e proving that you need to footstool off others’ mistakes to appear smart. -Spriggs5

You make fast connections.

Quickly make connections between new information and previous knowledge. -ThomasCMcNeal

You think before you speak.

Thinking before speaking, making sure your replies are complete and thought-out. -stonedtaurus

You can clarify a complex topic.

I’m no genius but this is my superpower thanks to a teacher who told me that, if I could teach a tricky concept to someone in a simple, easily digestible manner, I had it mastered. It became the way I studied. I’d literally talk to myself to see if I could simplify the concept. If I couldn’t, I knew I hadn’t mastered it. -Earthling03

And the truly intelligent individuals...

...can do this without talking down to their listeners.

You're a critical thinker.

I would say perception and critical thinking- being able to analyze a problem at not just the surface. Anecdotally, I find that a lot of smart people I've met don't just gaze at the surface but have the capacity to think of questions that further their understanding. -0verlimit

You know intelligence comes in a lot of forms.

I'm great with books and writing, shuffling papers and filling out forms and taking tests, yadda yadda. But I'm unskilled with my hands. Some friends of mine, however -- who may have been weak students or never attended college -- are brilliant with their hands. Understanding that intelligence comes in a variety of forms and that everyone is, in at least one way, intelligent is an intelligent perspective. -FuriouLegerines

You're persistent.

Persistence in solving a problem. Intelligent minds never quit on a problem they think they can crack. The problem becomes more intriguing over time. I think it’s driven in part by the great feeling they get when it’s finally solved. -Mdumb

You say things out loud after you read them.

Pronouncing things incorrectly. Often that means someone learned the word through reading and hasn't even heard the word spoken. -genghis_cannes Expand that vocabulary!

You think before you speak.

When someone pauses before responding. I find it common with people who are brilliant. It shows they are taking in and analyzing information before responding. -traeVT

You're introspective.

People who are introspective, from my point of view at least. If you can walk through life without examining your or other's actions at least at some mildly deep level, I would sincerely doubt your intelligence. -extrabaddy

Or, you just blow everyone’s minds with the simplest and yet boldest of choices.

Brown sandals with black socks. -vadifuk (Yeah, not so much.)

All in all:

Never be satisfied with your level of knowledge. Always looking for a new skill to learn or practice. When no matter how educated you really are you deliberately focus on being able to be apart of the average person's intellectual world when they are in your presence. Being able to switch between a regular day of mental focus and an academic high-stress situation. Most of all simply being humble and being able to accept being wrong. Intelligence isn’t a stationary level. You don’t get to say “I know this one thing, now I’m intelligent." It’s a sliding scale and intelligence should be defined by potential alongside your real-life knowledge and skills. -Patriotsandpokemon Truth! Did this story pique your scientific interest? Share with the rest of your *truly* intelligent friends!