Sikh Community That Made 800 Meals For Stranded Truck Drivers Say They’re Ready to Make More | 22 Words

After hearing the news that the Sikh community stepped up and provided eight-hundred meals for stranded truck drivers, people were left speechless. And in yet another incredible act of kindness, they have now said they're ready to make hundreds more...

In times of need, it is so heartwarming to see people come together.

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It comes as no surprise that the past few months have been terrible for all of us, but the pandemic has hit some people harder than others.

Across the pond, the people of the United Kingdom are suffering.

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The country now has the worst death toll in all of Europe, even though they were warned about the severity of the virus early on.

Things have gotten so bad right now that the south of England is in a full-blown lockdown...

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A new strain of the COVID-19 vaccine was detected and according to multiple reports, it is spreading seventy percent faster than the original.

This is why many countries in Europe and around the world have imposed a travel ban on UK residents.

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These restrictions have hit some areas of the country harder than others, including the ports along the border that connects the UK to France.

Truck drivers have been told to stay put as the borders were forced to close.

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And the backlog of stranded drivers reached hundreds in their numbers.

With no toilets and no food, they have been left to fend for themselves at the border.

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For those of you thinking why they didn't just turn around when they heard the news, the new restrictions came into effect immediately, which did not give drivers or companies any time to prepare.

With only 1 day until Christmas, it seems as though things have come at the worst time.

Drivers are unsure of when they'll be able to get moving again, so they don't even know if they'll manage to get home in time for the big day.

That's why the Sikh community has stepped up and done what the government has not.

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They have gone above and beyond to do what they can for their fellow citizens and have received the praise they deserve for their selfless acts.

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Sikhs from the Gravesend Gurdwara decided to cook over eight-hundred meals, in under 3 hours.

They then teamed up with other volunteers to distribute the food to hungry lorry drivers.

The Sikh humanitarian charity Khalsa Aid was responsible for the quick turnaround...

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They made a whopping five-hundred chickpea curries and three-hundred mushroom and pasta dishes.

These were then picked up by Khalsa Aid founder Ravinder Singh...

Who handed them out along with local police.

A spokesman for the Guru Nanak Darbar Jagdev Singh Virdee told Kent Online:

"They [Khalsa Aid] got in touch this morning about 12 o'clock and by 2.30 pm they came to collect the food."

He continued...

"We made some phone calls to get volunteers together because we are already doing Langar, where we deliver to vulnerable people."

Brits were quick to point out the lack of help from government officials...

With one posting: "Thank you on behalf of all of us British who are ashamed of our government's failure to organize properly. "Thank you for showing the true spirit of love and compassion." A third wrote: "Absolutely brilliant response. Puts our useless government to shame. Well done."

A spokesperson for Kent County Council said:

"With the help of Kent Resilience Forum agencies, we were able to give out snacks and drinking water through Monday ahead of drivers being able to access welfare facilities at Manston as part Operation Brock planning."

They continued...

"Though hauliers are routinely well prepared for disruption, while French borders remain closed it remains important that people avoid travelling to Kent." Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: "We continue to urge hauliers not to travel to Kent until further notice as we work to alleviate congestion at ports."

After such a successful first attempt, the Sikhs aren't stopping there...

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In another incredible act of kindness, they have now said they're ready to make hundreds more meals to distribute to more drivers at the border.

Speaking to LADbible this time, Jagdev Singh Virdee said it was a "team effort."

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They were also contacted by more of the local police force who offered to help them with their plan.

"It was an entire community effort," Jagdev said.

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"We've said we're available if more is needed," he added. "Because from my understanding there are about 3,000 lorry drivers stuck there, and I think Khalsa Aid have taken about 1,000 meals. We're on standby if any more is needed. "I've been in touch with Kent Police as well, saying if there's any need then to let us know."

Not all heroes wear capes, that's for sure.

We applaud the Sikh community for their hard work and dedication during this difficult time. Keep scrolling to see how others' heartwarming acts changed people's lives...