Super Soft Silicone Baby Soothing Teether Toy Gets 11,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

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Teething can be a traumatic experience for both babies and parents alike. But this soft silicone soothing baby teether can make the whole process a little easier…

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Meet the Mombella Mimi The Mushroom Super Soft Silicone Baby Soothing Teether Toy.

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​When it comes to pacifying a teething baby, thousands of parents say there’s nothing better. 

It’s designed to mimic the natural curve of a breast to help with your babies weaning.

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It also helps prevent finger sucking and chewing which can be harmful to your kid.

The teether also means moms can get a break and dad can do some of the pacifying work.

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It has over 11,000 5-star reviews.
“Oh em gee. I LOVE this. My breastfeeding baby won’t take ANYTHING but a boob, not a bottle, not a pacifier, nothing. EXCEPT for this alien from toy story looking thing! It gives my wife’s boobs a much-needed break and it keeps the baby happy. Dog hair and such does stick to it very easily but I mean, it’s silicone what do you expect. You can just blow it right off or rinse it and it’s good as new. Now.. the downside is the rubber squeaking noise, definitely terrible but not enough for me to even dare take it away and risk becoming a pacifier again,” writes one.

“I’ve had luck twice with these pacifier/teethers! First I tried it with my son who wouldn’t take a pacifier and I was desperate for him to have something when I weaned him from the breast. I would not take a pacifier, a bottle, or anything until I introduced him to this. It made our transition from breastfeeding so much better! So when my daughter came along, although she had taken a pacifier from birth, she still preferred the breast and that made weaning difficult because I would offer her a pacifier and she would chuck it across the room in detest! So I offered her one of these and again, it made our transition off the breast much smoother!” another agrees.​

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