Simon Cowell’s New Face Has The Internet Freaking Out

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We understand that, for people in Hollywood, there’s a ton of pressure to look a certain way. With your entire appearance constantly scrutinized by the public, it can be easy to cave to societal pressures. But, sometimes, trying to look “good for your age” can actually look, well, kinda bad. And the latest celeb to fall victim to this phenomenon? Talent show bad boy, Simon Cowell.

He’s always been partial to the odd cosmetic procedure (just check out his Day-Glo teeth). But now Simon Cowell has gone further with his transformation – and the internet is having an absolute field day.

As a judge on huge shows like The X Factor and America’s Got Talent, he’s cultivated a reputation as something of a loveable rogue.

For as long as he’s been in the public eye, he’s always had a very distinctive (and some would say, kind of bizarre) appearance. His oddly tent-like t-shirts combined with high-waisted trousers and brush-like hair means that he’s always recognizable.

But recent images have surfaced of Simon Cowell looking, quite frankly, terrifying – and the internet is absolutely obsessed with his transformation.

Many are trying to figure out exactly what he was going for when he went under the knife. Because if it was to look like a surrealist piece of art, he’s succeeded perfectly.

Here, Cowell is compared to a piece of skin with a face on it, first seen on sci-fi show, Dr. Who. 

Like this TikTok girl. Honestly, this video is hilarious with any caption.

Many have shared images of melting faces in response to his new look. There is certainly something of the uncanny valley about him.

Who did this to Simon Cowell – and, more importantly, why? Surely nobody thinks that this is a satisfactory final product?  

Honestly, what makes this transformation even weirder is the fact that it’s so difficult to quite gauge what is different.

Gossip columnist, Perez Hilton, offered his expert analysis on what exactly has gone on with Simon Cowell’s appearance – and let’s just say it’s a lot. 

But let’s just say that the internet isn’t buying it. That may have a positive impact on the aging process, but it doesn’t result in an actual new face, does it?

One tweet compares him to a stuffed animal version of his former self. The more you look at him, the weirder it seems – he still looks like Simon Cowell, just a really creepy version.

He does look oddly like a wax figure of himself – and one that’s slightly melting, at that. The downturned look of his eyes is what is really freaking us out.

And what’s even weirder? These deliberately poorly photoshopped snaps don’t actually look that much weirder than what’s going on with Cowell’s real-life face.

As many who have overdone it on the Botox have experienced, he seems almost unable to express emotions, giving him a really inhuman vibe.

We think that we’ve narrowed it down – the problem is definitely in the eyes. They look expressionless, but also so tired and sad at the same time.

Even though his face is still the right way up (for now) there is an oddly upside-down vibe about it.

Someone used the beloved Faceapp to show us what Simon Cowell would look like if he was sixty… oh wait, he is almost sixty… ok… what he would look like if he was normal.

If you think that the world is trash and there’s nothing to look forward to, remember this: we still haven’t witnessed the full extent of what Simon Cowell is willing to do to his face yet.

Not only has he provided us with the best internet entertainment possible – but he’s also given us something to look forward to, and that’s invaluable.