Simone Biles, just days before she is to compete at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, has received some social media recognition.

Twitter is launching a new GOAT (greatest of all time) emoji specifically for the twenty-four-year-old Olympian on Wednesday. The tiny illustrated goat will be wearing a red leotard and sporting a gold medal around its neck.

Biles is arguably one of the greatest American athletes in history, with a combined total of thirty Olympic and World Championship medals, making her one of the most decorated female gymnasts. She tends to dominate the screen with people from all over the world cheering her on.

Biles is the first Olympian to receive a custom emoji from Twitter. Users will be able to use it automatically when they use the hashtags #SimoneBiles or #Simone throughout the Olympic Games which begin on Friday and continue until August 8th.

"Witness greatness. Tweet with greatness," wrote the official Twitter Sports account, announcing the news.

She is also the first female athlete to ever receive her own GOAT emoji, with previous tributes consisting mostly of male athletes like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes in American Football.

Earlier this year, Biles wore a custom leotard which was encrusted with silver rhinestones in the shape of a goat head during the U.S Gymnastics Championships. She first wore the design back in 2019, telling PEOPLE that the design, which she named Goldie, was a "running joke".

"I don't think of myself as the GOAT and that's not why I wear the goat on my leo. It was kind of a joke in the beginning. I wore one in 2019 and it was just funny because the haters were so upset," she said. "What we did is to kind of tick them off even more. So I was happy because it's like good, now you guys are annoyed because you're annoying me."

Later speaking to Marie Claire, she discussed the importance of recognizing your own ability and being confident in yourself. "I just hope that kids growing up watching this don't or aren't ashamed of being good at whatever they do.

"And that's my problem: when people kind of harp on other people that are good at something. And it's like, everybody can say you're good, but once you acknowledge it, it's not cool anymore. And I want kids to learn that, yes, it's okay to acknowledge that you're good or even great at something."

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The gymnast is renowned for performing moves so difficult and distinctive, that several have been named after her. In May, she executed the Yurchenko double pike, a move so dangerous that no other female gymnast seems to be attempting it.

At the U.S Classic 2021, her first competition in eighteen months, she successfully completed the move on the vault, a stunning feat of power, physics, and fearlessness which is traditionally only attempted by men. She is the first woman in history to perform the move in competition according to the New York Times.

However, she only received a score of 6.6, which she argued was too low as she performed one of the hardest stunts on the vault... but nevertheless, she said she will continue to do the moves.

When asked why, she quickly answered, "Because I can."