Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in the world, has now opened up about her time in foster care as a toddler and how she remembers "going hungry" in her Facebook Watch series, Simone vs. Herself.

"I don't remember a lot about foster care, but I definitely knew that we had been taken from our biological mom and then you just think you're going to go back to her," she said in Tuesday's episode, titled "Who Am I?"

"We were very fortunate that we actually got to stay with our siblings because a lot of the time you either get regrouped from home to home to home or you and your siblings get split up."

Biles came out about how she and her siblings also experienced periods of hunger while under the care of their biological mom.

"Growing up, I and my siblings were so focused on food because we didn't have a lot of food," she said, "I remember there was this cat around the house and I'd be so hungry. They would feed this cat and I'm like, 'Where the heck is my food?' And so I think that's where it stemmed where I don't like cats is because this frickin' street cat, she always fed it, but she never fed us."

"Appreciation post for my sweet parents, thanks for making sacrifices since day 1 so I can live out my dream. but most importantly thanks for always being there for me through all the highs and lows. You guys are the absolute best. I love y'all," her Instagram post read as she stood with her grandparents - who are now her adoptive parents.

Who are her parents, you may be wondering... well, a heartwarming moment changed Biles's life forever when her mom's parents adopted her and her younger sister Adria. While Biles and Adria moved to Texas to be with their grandparents, their 2 older siblings, Ashley and Tevin, stayed in Ohio when they were adopted by their father's sister.

Biles' new parents helped put her on a good path in order to become the outstanding athlete she is today.

"Being separated from my biological mom, being placed in foster care before I officially got adopted by my grandparents, it just set me up for a better route at life and I feel like I wouldn't be where I am unless that turning point happened," she said.

"I would still be Simone Biles, probably not Simone Biles that everybody else knows, the world knows. But I also believe everything happens for a reason and I'm forever grateful for that because I definitely got a second shot at life."

Biles, considered by many to be the greatest gymnast in history, has won more than thirty World and Olympic medals, including 5 — and 4 gold — at the Summer Games in Rio in 2016. Last weekend, she dominated the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials, earning herself a spot in the Tokyo Olympics.

She's simply just that incredible at what she does.

Interestingly though, her interest in the sport actually happened by accident. Biles was a little girl when she was supposed to go on a field trip, but bad weather forced a change in plans and her class went to a gymnastics facility.

"I don't ever remember watching it on TV or seeing pictures in a magazine. I just remember imitating all the older girls in the back gym and seeing if I could do it while I was in the front gym on the trampoline and the floor and just having a blast. Like, I just had fun."

Who knew she'd be here today?

So, although Biles had a rocky start, she really managed to turn it around!