Simone Biles Wins 2021 US Gymnastics Championships

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Simone Biles has once again proven just how effortlessly talented she is, this time by winning her 7th US Gymnastics title.

Next up for the 24-year-old is the Tokyo Olympics, where she’s expected to win big… Again.

The US athlete easily beat all competition.

Biles managed to make the art of gymnastics look unrealistically easy, to the point where time seemed to stand still as she flipped and span through the air during the competition.

The 24-year-old’s final score was nearly five points more than her nearest rival.

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It’s been a long journey for the young gymnast on her way to becoming one of America’s sweethearts, though on the cusp of yet more greatness she doesn’t seem to have fallen off course.
She achieved a final score of 119.650, and to put into perspective how good that is, runner-up Sunisa Lee scored 114.95, while Biles’ teammate Jordan Chiles scored 114.45.

Ahead of the Olympics she’s shown there’s no stopping her.

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The gymnast had a rocky start to the 2 day competition on Friday, stepping out of bounds 3 times.
She went on to blame the early blunders on adrenaline, saying: “It’s so crazy because in training I never go out of bounds and I never have this much power. But with the adrenaline, that’s where it comes.”

However, this was but a minor blip on an otherwise perfect competition, as it became abundantly clear across the balance beam, floor routine and the vault that her victory was never in doubt.

Elements of Biles’ performance went viral.

The spellbinding nature of the 24-year-old’s routines was picked up on by just about the entirety of the internet, as slow-mo clips of her flipping through the air gained thousands of likes and retweets.
During the slowed down clips there are various moments where it looks as if Biles may be about to take out a book and read a chapter, such is the extent of how easy she makes these things look.

What’s next for Simone Biles?

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She heads into the Tokyo Olympics, starting next month, in fine form and a clear favourite to snatch up plenty of gold, as she did in 2016.
One thing is for sure, the entire country is rooting for her.