For some of us, math is the ultimate mystery. There's just something about those sneaky little numbers that just somehow manage to totally boggle the minds of many. To certain individuals, it triggers horrific schooldays flashbacks But hey, at least it's something that brings the internet together, right?

From time to time, a seemingly simple math equation will take the internet by storm, as people scramble to figure out the solution, often coming up with multiple different answers. While it's undeniably frustrating, there's something strangely enjoyable about it too. Giving your brain a workout can feel good - even if it does leave you concerned that your mental math is in pretty poor shape.

But how the latest confusing sum? Well, there's a certain one that's gone viral this weekend, and people are going crazy trying to figure out the answers.

People have been left bamboozled by this puzzle. Comments range from, "I'm about sick of these things I quit going to school long ago," to "This is the most confusing thing I've ever tried," to "Our education system is an utter failure!"

So, without further ado, let's have a go!

First things first, you are not allowed to use a calculator. That's cheating - and you're only cheating yourself. You also need to keep in mind your basic math skills, even though you may not have used them for a good few years.

So, what's the equation that's got everyone scratching their heads? Well, it sounds simple enough: 60 + 60 x 0 + 1 = ?

There are 3 popular answers amongst the internet's mathematicians - 61, 121, and 1. Did you get any of these - or something different? Well, we can confirm the correct answer is one of these three ...

So, how do you get to it? Through the magic of BODMAS, of course. If you don't remember, BODMAS is an acronym that stands for brackets, order, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Still lost? Don't worry - that simply means the order in which you need to do the sum in order to reach the correct answer. In other words, based on BODMAS, you need to do the multiplication from the sum before you do the additions.

This means that by using BODMAS, you can reduce your sum to a much simpler: 0 + 60 + 1. And we're pretty sure even the worst at math among us can figure out that answer to be 61, right?

Did you manage this mind-bending sum? Or were you as lost as others on the internet? Well, at least now you know that the next time a wacky math problem goes viral, you'll need to remember BODMAS.