37 Things You Probably Do Wrong Even Though You're Supposedly an Adult | 22 Words

Most days you probably just go about your business of peeling bananas or closing bags without giving a second thought to how you actually go about doing those things.

Well, that's all about to change, as these tips and tricks will make doing those simple everyday things even easier.

Eating a Cupcake

You could just shove it in your mouth — completely acceptable — or you could cut the bottom off and turn it into a sandwich so you get frosting in every bite.

Crossing Out Words

You probably just cross out words with lines, but if you cross them out with letters, they won't be legible.

Organizing Spray Bottles

Using a clothing rod to hang your spray bottles will help you to save space (and eliminate that fun domino effect of grabbing a bottle and knocking over the whole row.)

Microwaving Leftovers

There's nothing more frustrating that reheating something only to have the outside perfectly warm and the inside perfectly, well, not. Solution? Dig a hole in your leftovers when heating them up in the microwave so the heat will spread evenly.

Keeping Manuals

Whenever you buy a product, go to the manufacturer's site and upload the digital version of the manual onto Google Drive or Dropbox, and you'll never have to keep paper copies again.

Untying a Knot

The trick ? Twist the loose end as much as you can and to push it through the knot.

Filling a Container With Water

If you have a container that can't fit in your sink— and who doesn't? — carefully position a dustpan in a way that will funnel the water into the container below.

Keeping Cords Untangled

This actually solves two problems — keeping cords untangled and making use of those annoying bread tags. Just wind them up, attach it, and you're good-to-go.

Packing Clothes

To take up less space, roll up your clothes when packing (and that doesn't mean just rolling them up into a ball and shoving them in there.)

Making Sandwiches

You know how you put cheese on a sandwich but the slices are round and the bread is square? So much wasted real estate! Instead, cut round sandwich fillings in half to ensure you're covering every inch.

Opening a Key Ring

To save your nails, teeth, and sanity when trying to attach a new key to a key ring, use a staple remover.

Removing Trash Bags

Drill holes in a trash can to prevent suction issues when pulling out and inserting a trash bag.

Using Sauce Cups

Unroll the rims of those fast food bad boys so you can dip your burger in ketchup or add even more ketchup to the cup.

Eating Cheesy Snacks

If you're not a fan of having flavor-dusted stains on your fingers when you eat snacks, bust out the chopsticks to prevent that from happening.

Eating Popcorn From a Bag

Speaking of messy hands when snacking, let's eliminate getting butter stuck all the way up on your arm from reaching into the popcorn bag by strategically ripping the bag for easy access.

Listening to Music on Your Phone

Want to enhance the sound? Put your phone in a cup when playing music. It should go without saying, an empty cup.

Keeping Pastries Fresh

Place a slide of bread on your cake or with your cookies in a bag to keep them soft and moist because unless it's a scone, nobody wants dry baked goods.

Drinking Sodas

Want to keep the straw from rising out of your can? Turn the tab and place the straw through the tab. There you go.

Serving Drinks

And when serving drinks outside that aren't in a can, top them with a cupcake liner so you don't have to worry about pesky flies.

Eating Tic Tacs

Ever frustrated when trying to get out Tic Tacs?  This will solve that problem.


Take a deep breath...no, really.  The proper way of breathing is to breathe from your abdomen, not from your chest. Breathing from your chest area will result in shallow breaths and less oxygen intake.

Slicing Bread

The best thing since sliced bread? Slicing the bread without squishing the top by turning it upside down and slicing it from the bottom up.

Making Iced Coffee

Nobody but weirdos likes watered down coffee, so freeze coffee into ice cubes to make iced coffee that won't get diluted by regular ice.

Breaking In Shoes

Sure, new shoes look nice, but they can be uncomfortable until you break them in. Cut to the chase and take a thick pair of socks, wear shoes, and then use a hair dryer to blow on the tightest corners. Keep repeating until the shoes fit comfortably.

Rescuing a Wet Cell Phone

There are many theories on how to rescue a phone you dropped in water, one of them being crying, but the best strategy is to seal your phone in an airtight pouch with synthetic desiccant you get in food packages or clothing. And if you want to know the best way to clean that phone, here you go.

Closing a Bag of Chips

Sure, you can use the chip clip you always lose, or you can keep your chips fresh with a few folds.

Stashing Grocery Bags

Instead of stuffing plastic bag into plastic bag into plastic bag, fold your plastic bags into these origami triangles so they'll take up less space.

Tying Plastic Bags

Instead of tying plastic bags with a rubber band, use the top of a water bottle to screw it shut.

Heating Up Food

If you have a hard time fitting two bowls in the microwave at once and no patience to do them separately, place one bowl on top of a cup to make sure both bowls can fit in the microwave at the same time.

Freezing Ice Cream

Ice cream rescue! Keep it in a ziplock bag when you stuff the tub in the freezer, and your ice cream will stay soft and not harden to the point where you'll have difficulty scooping it. Plus, no freezer burn.

Eating Chicken Wings

If you grab the two bones (the small one first), twist, and pull them out, you have a boneless chicken wing.

Cutting Cakes and Doughs

You could try and perfectly cut through cakes and doughs with a knife and as often as not mangle your dessert, or you could put some of the free floss from your dentist to use.

Using Ginger

Never waste ginger again! (The spice, not the Gilligan's Island character.)  Spoon your ginger and you’ll be left with a beautiful piece of peeled ginger and almost zero waste.

Pitting Cherries

While half the fun of eating cherries is spitting out the pits, apparently that's not always "acceptable" in public. Or maybe you're actually baking with them. If that's a case, get out the straw. No need for fancy equipment to pit all those cherries.

Wearing Bobby Pins

While you probably think the flat side should go against your head, you would be wrong. The wavy side goes down for maximum hold.

Peeling a Banana

Do not peel it from this end unless you like all those strings that come with it, and if you like those, more power to you. But if you don't, peel from the bottom for zero stringy things.

Peeling Garlic

This literally takes less than 10 seconds.