The Simplest Things You Can Do to Radically Improve Your Life | 22 Words

Oh, the simple things in life. As our world gets more complicated and life seems to follow suit, it gets seemingly more difficult to treasure the little things. Unfortunately, the messiness of life can grow like a wildfire and it feels like we are drowning in our own chaos. Thankfully, we have the internet to help us clean up our lives a little bit.

There are the simplest things you can do to radically improve your life, and they don't have to be dramatic or intense. Whether it's cleaning up your workspace, journaling, daily expressions of gratitude or tending to your mental health, all these small tasks can really change your whole day and eventually your life.

From one internet friend to the next, the wonderful world of Reddit shared a long thread of ideas that are creative, practical and thoughtful ways to radically improve your life. We promise it's worth the read. Every little thing helps!

Life comes at you fast.

Do you ever feel like life is so complicated, you don't even know how to minimize anything?

You are always in a bit of a rut.

It feels like all these little things in life are piling up, and you might feel in over your head.

Let's try our best to not get complicated.

In an effort to declutter our lives and simplify all the complicated details, we are going to make this as easy as possible.

It's time for some change.

I'm no life coach, but there are a lot of really easy habits you can adapt to your everyday life that will help heaps.

Do your stretches.

I am a Millwright/ Wind turbine technician...never stretched always stiff, a month ago I started stretching in the morning and before going to bed and it has made a huge difference. Just last week I was able to touch my toes with straight legs for the first in my life. -archiejwilson

Get rid of some stuff.

Declutter your living space. It's not exactly easy the first time but when you get rid of the things you don't ever use it really clears your head.

And on that note.

Imagine every item made a tiny noise. What do you hear? Can you hear the voices of the things you really like, the memories they share and the promises of future events? Or a cacophony of the shrill voices of random things everywhere? -ScienceAndMuesli

Show some gratitude.

Remind yourself of the good things you have. Even if it's something as simple as a roof over your head, the bed you sleep in, or the phone you use to browse Reddit with. -inbeforeinsane

Consider your cash.

Create a budget. There are so many free tools available online that it really is simple. Take a few minutes each day to monitor your spending/saving and you'll thank yourself later. -HankSinatra

Just tell the truth.

Be more honest, but don't be a douchebag about it. -PMmeYOURtitsFORmemes

Apologize to others.

Be willing to give genuine apologies when you are wrong. No excuses, no justifications. -The_Lady_Aurora

Make some goals.

Have achievable short term goals, and reward yourself appropriately when you achieve them. -Easypeaseee

Don't be late.

Show up on time. People feel that their time is respected if you do and you keep adding to your accountability and credibility bank.

Be kind all the time.

Compliment people behind their backs. It seriously reduces the drama you have to deal with in your day to day life. Especially do it to co-workers. -Avbitten

Let it go.

Don't hold on to anger. -jellybelly62

Get some sun!

Open some blinds my dude and let some sunshine in your house in the mornings. It always made happy.


Drink more water. -BlackKloudDhali

Change your mindset.

Since I started living by the mindset "it's better to look back and laugh at what you did than look back and wonder what could've been" I've been more confident, happy, outgoing, and caring. -Sjdillon10

Learn a new skill.

Watch YouTube videos on different skills. This last summer I learned how to fix the water fixture on my refrigerator that had been broken for 3 years. I fixed a dryer that made a loud squeaking. I learned how to install brick pavers and create visually pleasing rock landscapes. -_-POTUS-_

Wake up a bit earlier.

Getting up earlier than needed before work, so one has about an hour of “Me" time to do whatever you wanna do before the rest of the world wakes up. -GooseDick

Show some love.

Consciously try to make someone else's day better. It will almost always make you feel better too. -flashketchup22

Try something new!

Try at least one new thing every week. -OhhhTorii

Eat some greens.

Eat more vegetables. -dottmatrix

Be introspective.

Be a spectator of your thoughts. Be a watcher. Detach and look inward. -juguman

Put your phone down.

Unplug for an hour before bed. You’ll get to sleep faster and have deeper sleep if you turn off the screen earlier before you go to bed.

Know yourself.

Spend some real alone time. Sitting by yourself, doing absolutely nothing, just you and your mind. Alternatively but similar, start a journal to document your thoughts and feelings. -almostyelloww

Don't be so judgemental.

Not judge people on their looks or their shallow personality they portray to the public. Everyone has a side to them that doesn't show in the public. -souldxp

Go outside.

Just spend more time outside. Nothing calms me down or makes my day better as much as just sitting outside in the sun. -emmawatttson

Watch your sugar intake.

Stop eating sugar! Or at least cutback. Soda is poison, stop drinking it. Yes, even the diet crap. -Raven3131

Find a hobby.

Specifically, a hobby that you can derive Joy from. I really enjoy playing video games, but sitting down and working on a leather project brings me so much satisfaction. -BackwoodsTatooineGuy

Use your imagination.

Although it's important to keep a firm perspective on the real world, let yourself daydream a little. Better yet, put it down on paper. Write a little story, draw a picture.


Prioritize your mental health.

Don't ignore your mental health. It is everything. -halfpint513

Go old school.

Reading a book. -IndicaLaRoux219

Clean up after yourself.

After you finish using a dish or cup, wash it right away. --eDgAR-

That's a pretty good start!

See, it doesn't have to be super complicated! Start small and see how little things can change your life. Share your favorite tips with friends and help them improve their lives as well!