It turns out that The Simpsons actually predicted Richard Branson's space flight back in 2014, which doesn't come as much of a shock considering the cartoon's track record of predicting major global events!

On Sunday, the Virgin founder successfully reached the edge of space onboard a Virgin Galactic flight.

Now, here's the mind-boggling thing... the recent pictures of Branson floating about in zero-gravity were almost identical to the image from an episode of The Simpsons back in 2014. A fan tweeted on Twitter: "How can The Simpsons show predict every Damn thing?"

More people began taking to Twitter to express awe:

"The point is what else it has predicted so that we can get better prepared for the future," one person exclaimed.

While another person said: "I think their writers showed every kind of (wild) imagination, which we are now turning to reality."

Someone else said:

"I guess it's the other way around. Rich people watch Simpsons and then make their TODO list."

The Simpsons episode that the photograph is taken from is "The War of Art," the fifteenth episode of the show's twenty-fifth season. In the episode, the art forger Klaus Ziegler tells Lisa that his "forgeries give pleasure to people all over the world." As Ziegler speaks, people look at art in a lot of different locations, including Branson floating in his spacecraft.

Branson actually founded Virgin Galactic in 2004 and has long been known as an advocate for space travel.

Another time when the show predicted the future was in 2008 when Simpson went the cast a vote for Barak Obama but instead, his vote accidentally went to Mitt Romney. Well... in 2012, that exact thing happened. As people rushed to vote for Barak Obama, a voting machine started playing up, casting their votes for Barak Obama under the name of Mitt Romney. Weird right?

You'll like this one:

An episode from 2000 called "Bart to the Future" flashes forward to the future and Lisa becomes "the first straight female" president, taking over after former-president Donald Trump, ruined the economy.

And although Lisa Simpson hasn't yet taken over Trump, Joe Biden certainly has...

What's one of your favorite The Simpsons predictions?