Single Dad Adopts 13 Year Old Boy Who Was Abandoned at Hospital

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Fostering a child is a huge decision for both the foster parent and the child in need of a home. You need to be prepared for any situation to arise, even if it means falling in love with the child you’ve fostered, and knowing you just have to give them a forever home with you.

Well, a man from Uganda did exactly that… Adopting a thirteen-year-old boy who was abandoned in a hospital.

Peter Mutabazi living in Charlotte, North Carolina, knows exactly how it feels to need somebody, and that’s why he wanted to become a rock for as many children as he could help.

Growing up in Uganda, Peter had very little in his life, and so he ran away from home.

“I grew up in Uganda,” Peter said as per Goal Coast, “I grew up the poorest of the poorest. I didn’t have a good childhood, I ran away from home and became a street kid.”

And now, he’s doing everything in his power to help other children have a better headstart than he did.

“I understand where these kids come from. Someone stopped in to help me, and now I’ve adopted my oldest,” he continued.

4 months after taking classes required to become a foster parent in 2017, Peter received his license, and then in January of 2018, he got a call that changed his life…

A foster care worker wanted Peter to take care of Tony, eleven at the time, for the weekend, someone who had very little luck previously in the foster care system.

Tony was adopted at the age of 4, after being in care since he was just 2 years old, and he thought he’d found his forever home, but, 7 years later, he was left at a hospital by his adoptive parents.

And this caused a lot of trauma for him.

“I could not fathom … who could do that,” Peter said about his previous adoptive parents.

And to be honest, we don’t understand it either. But, we do know that someone else walked into his heart, and promised to stay forever this time.

But, what happened to just having Tony over the weekend? You might ask.
Well, learning the little boy’s story, Peter knew he was supposed to be there for him for life. This was the path he was supposed to take.

And talking to Good Morning America about when he learned why Tony was in the foster care system, Peter said: “I was crying. I thought, ‘Who would do that?’ Once I knew the parents’ rights were signed off and he had nowhere to go, I knew I had to take him.”

And so, on November 12, he became Tony’s adoptive dad.

Writing on his Instagram caption: “Why adopt teens?

“I want to watch all my children grow up and share all their important milestones with them.

“I wasn’t there when the teens lost their first tooth or when they took their training wheels off their bikes, but I am thankful for all the firsts I get to experience with my teens like their first date, learning to drive, getting on a plane, making new best friends, graduations, join sports, visit new places, meet more extended families and first job interview.

“I am glad to be a father my teens will learn from but I know how much they will teach me along the way too.”

But, it’s not just Tony he’s opened his home to, with 3 more adorable children being given a life they deserve, all thanks to Peter.

“For what someone did for me I wanted to do something for someone else,” Peter said after telling GMA that he ran away from home at the age of ten, but found someone who became a parent figure and helped him through school.

And, if it wasn’t for Peter’s hero, maybe he wouldn’t be the hero in Tony’s life right now.

We are so glad you finally found your forever home, Tony.