Single Dad Talks About Not Having Support Like Single Moms | 22 Words

A single dad has recently opened up about the struggles of not being appreciated as much as single moms...

And his emotional message has got everyone talking.


Do we unconsciously treat single moms differently to single dads?

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Now, being a single parent is hard.


Without the extra support of a partner, raising a child alone is certainly no walk in the park.

A single parent will rarely get any time to themselves...


And not to mention how financially tough things can get!

But regardless of the struggles and setbacks...

Single parents need to be applauded.

There are so many single parents out there who raise their kids to be well-rounded, smart, and happy people...

And its truly admirable, especially when these parents are juggling jobs and other responsibilities.

But when it comes to single parents, we all seem to think of single moms first...


There's no denying how amazing single moms are, but what about all the single dads out there?

It can be really hard to go through something without the support of your family and friends...


We all need some praise one way or another, am I right? Well, some people believe that single dads also deserve a bit of that recognition.

One father has gone viral on Reddit after he posted an emotional message about his life...


And it involved feelings about how devalued he feels as a parent even though he does just as much as his kids' mom.

However, it sparked a heated debate about the situation in which some people raised some very good points...


Posting to Reddit, this single dad titled his post this: "Being a single dad with half custody is just as hard as being a single mom but I don't have a rally cry of support behind me."


"My ex has women telling her on social media how amazing she is for raising kids in her own and how strong and independent she is for picking herself up after the divorce (that she caused with her affair) and being a mom. I have none of that," he said.

He continued:


"It's not that my friends don't think I'm a good dad, it's that as a society, we have made the single mom a sort of unsung hero. What about single dads? We do the same shit. I work and take care of my kids the same way but I don't get celebrated like I'm doing something amazing. I just get the recognition that almost all dads get... Nothing."

After the post started garnering more attention, he later added some explanation behind his views.


"[I didn't want to sound] like I wanted a cookie for being a dad. It may have sounded like I wanted credit for some s*** I'm supposed to do," he started.

"That's not the case."


​"I've been to mom groups to socialize my kids and I'm this weird anomaly and they don't even talk to me so then I play with my kid so I'm not just there on my phone. It's not the same for us. We don't have the same resources. Although some of you have suggested some that I hadn't heard of."

He also outlined that he wasn't actually a fully single parent as his children's mom was still in the picture in terms of custody.


But he ended the post with this: "Anyway, my struggle is the lack of equality, not the lack of attaboy and I think that may be how it came across. Thanks for all your support and for making me feel like I'm doing good as a parent."

While I agree that good parents deserve praise because the job is not easy...


It's the least you owe your child because they're your responsibility regardless if you're a mother or father. You both have equal responsibility in this.

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