Selfless Single Man Adopts His Sixth Child With Special Needs

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One selfless father has taken the internet by storm this week with a truly heartwarming tale.

Single dad, Ben Carpenter, thirty-seven, from Huddersfield in the U.K, has a rather special family.

He’s dedicated his life to caring for disabled children, having begun his adoption journey aged just twenty-one. At this time, he broke records for being the youngest gay man to adopt in the U.K.
And after a life spent on a mission to care for the most vulnerable members of society, he’s just adopted his sixth.

Jack, now fourteen years old, has autism and was the first child Ben adopted.

Also in the family is Ruby, who is eleven and has complex needs. Next comes Lily, 9, who is deaf, and then Joseph, aged 6, who has Down’s syndrome.
Last year, Ben’s fifth child, Teddy, tragically died. Following a period of mourning, Ben then adopted his sixth adopted child, Louis, aged 2.

Ben always worked in the care sector before starting his incredible adoption journey.

“I’ve always known what I wanted. I never wanted to become a biological dad because being a parent is so much more than that. I wanted to help kids that were the most vulnerable and the ones that were most in need of a loving and caring home. I had a lot to prove at such a young age. I needed to show that I was mature enough and could offer these kids what they needed,” he shared.

“The good thing about adoption that you can’t do in pregnancy is picking the gender of the child. So to begin with I chose a boy and then a girl because I thought that would be the perfect set up and luckily got accepted and matching with my son and daughter, Jack and Ruby.”

“I was then asked if I would take my biological daughter’s sister which I agreed to do. So I had 2 girls and one boy and I thought I should even it out again and adopt another son. So I applied for a boy with Down’s Syndrome and within 3 days I was matched to a baby boy who had just been born with the condition.”
Following the tragic loss of Teddy, it took Ben some time before he believed he could adopt again.

“In April 2020, Louis came home to be with us and has gone from strength to strength ever since.”

“I had always dreamed about having a big family and I am so happy that my kids are a part of it and that they have so many siblings. I often sit and imagine them all at each other’s weddings. They are all so supportive of each other’s needs and I am so proud that I have created a happy, loving, and stable environment for them to grow up in. As much as I have changed their life, they have also changed mine. And I would never say never to having another child.”
Ben is raising money to help support his childrens’ needs right here.