If you live in a house, there's a chance that at least once or twice you've been annoyed with your neighbors. Maybe they play their music too loud or their dog does its business on your parkway and they're too inconsiderate to pick it up.

Lovely, right?

But one would hope if there was an issue, people would act like adults and address the situation in a mature fashion. One person in Colorado, however, decided the best way to go about expressing their annoyance was to send a postcard filled with a hateful message to one of their neighbors.

It's a suburban twist on the old "poison pen letter."

Anonymous letters sent with the intention of creating emotional discord. Or maybe just a sick kick.

In this case, it was sent by some "concerned homeowner."

Which, as we all know, is usually a euphemism for "jerk." Or something worse.

That story may sound like your cup of tea.

If so, keep reading. If not, try to find something else to occupy your time that isn't obsessing over your neighbor's lawn.

The recipient was Denver resident Ayrielle Harvey, who is a single mother working three jobs to support her family.

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Ayrielle lives in the Harvey Park neighborhood, a place she loves for a number of reasons. “Harvey Park is a great neighborhood," she said. "It’s got great schools, great people, it’s filled with a lot of different activities, like the Harvey Park festival, libraries that have all kinds of kids programs."

You won't believe what she found in her mailbox.

In this supposedly nice neighborhood. Don't worry though, the story gets better.

The single mother was shocked to receive a nasty postcard in her mailbox attacking everything from her character to, of all things, her lawn.

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The postcard said: H.P. Resident, You were in the running for the worst lawn in the neighborhood. Please put down the pipe, the bottle, the bong, the joint, the cigarettes and please water the grass. Try killing a weed instead of smoking it. Your yard is an embarrassment to the neighborhood. You're hurting the value of homes. You did not win, but you are a loser. HRD

Understandably upset and confused, she took to Facebook to share her thoughts on the experience.

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"I'm going to be honest here. I'm a single mom with an autistic 3 year old little boy and a deaf blind mom. At 24 I'm not only attempting to work 3 jobs to provide for my family, but I'm also trying to fight my depression and my eating disorder. No my household isn't perfect but the postcard I received today only proves that people don't know the full story and don't care. It broke my heart to receive this after everything I'm working my ass off to do. The fact that people who don't know me or my situation could do this and be so hurtful makes me ashamed to live in Harvey Park. I don't drink or smoke anything of any kind. I am doing this by myself. So next time get the full story before you assume and make an ass of yourself and the rest of the neighborhood. Lend a helping hand and be an actual neighbor. Not everyone can handle what life throws at them. It's not your place to be judge, jury, and executioner. I hope you have a good day even though you ruined mine."

Remember when I said the story got better?


Maybe you didn't believe me. But I was telling the truth.

No, the author of that nasty message was never found.

And it must be no picnic knowing you share a neighborhood with a psychopath. Not at all.

But when other neighbors saw her message, instead of piling on the insults, they organized a group to spend a day helping the single mom get her lawn in shape.

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And that's not all.

This wasn't just a one day thing. These neighbors seem to be pitched in for the long term.

Some even left messages on Facebook volunteering to help her keep the yard kept up throughout the rest of the summer.

So while Aryielle had to deal with some very unwarranted negativity and misplaced anger, the kind actions of the others around her are a reminder that there are still some good people out there — and that you should never judge without knowing the situation.

And so, the story of the abusive postcard actually came out alright.

You didn't believe me, did you? But everything seems to have worked itself out.

But please keep one thing in mind.


This does not mean that sending a nasty postcard is an effective way to deal with neighborhood disputes. So don't get any ideas.

There are much better ways to be a good neighbor.

And besides, maybe the world be a better place if we all just worried about our own lawns. Don't you think?