Single Mom Takes in Abandoned Baby Girl Unaware She’s the Biological Sister of Her Adopted Son

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We might not all believe in miracles, and that’s ok. But, after reading this magical story, you might just be convinced that miracles do happen because a single mom has taken in a baby girl without knowing that she’s the biological sister of her adopted son…

And we just cannot get over how truly beautiful her story is.

Katie Page took one heck of a leap after divorcing her partner in her early thirties, which as for anyone who’s been through a huge life change like this, is extremely challenging.

Katie faced that challenge head-on, though, changing her career path, and starting her very own family. It’s safe to say that everything happens for a reason.

But, before she knew she wanted to adopt, Katie had fostered 4 children, changing the lives of many for the better.

Katie, an entrepreneur, who builds hospitals, is now a mom to 3 adoptive children, as well as being a ‘bonus’ mom to 2 other children, and she’s a fostermom to many, too.

You might just say she’s an absolute superhero, right?

But, let’s see how she got here, shall we?

After her divorce, Katie purchased her very own home, readying herself for a fresh start.

And not long after, she received an email from her pastor, opening up the possibility of becoming a foster mom, and so, she decided to research into the prospect, attend meetings, and then make her decision.

But, it didn’t take very long before she realized that this was the path she was supposed to take, and so, she did exactly as her heart was telling her.

She opened up her home…

She fell completely in love with a 4-day-old boy a caseworker told her about in 2016, and called him Grayson.

Just under a year later, she was told that the biological parents hadn’t come to claim little Grayson, which meant that Katie was able to legally adopt him after the court terminated the rights of the birth parents when he was just 4 months old.

And, just like that, after a lot of paperwork, and a few hiccups, she became a forever-mommy to a gorgeous eleven-month-old boy, who had been in foster care for 333 days.

No, we’re not crying yet, but we will be, soon, and so will you, so make sure you have tissues at hand…

Because just as the mom thought that her world couldn’t get any more sensational than it already was, she got a call not long after Grayson’s adoption.

On the other line was a caseworker, talking to Katie about a newborn baby girl, who’d been left at a hospital.

“Just 2 weeks later, I got another call, and something was different,” she began on her vlog.

“The caseworker who called me about Grayson called me and said ‘I know you’re really not planning to take placements right now, but we have an emergency case, we have a baby girl who is at the hospital and needs to come home today. She needs a placement, even if it’s just temporary, if you could really help us out that would be amazing,'” Katie continued.

She knew she should have said no, but asked the caseworker to give her a minute while she called somebody.

“I remember vividly saying ‘I have no idea why, everything says I should say no, but God is telling me I’m supposed to say yes, and I don’t know why.'”

“But I’m like ‘ok, we’re going to say yes, and we will figure this out. Maybe this is just temporary,'” she expressed.

And, after the baby girl was safely at Katie’s home, she noticed something quite peculiar…

The first name of the woman who left Grayson at the hospital was the same one on the girl’s medical bracelet, and then later that night, looking at her paperwork, she noticed Grayson and Hannah, the name she gave to the little girl, were born in the same year. Weird, right?

Well, after she met the biological mom, she realized that her adoptive children were half-siblings.

“What if I had said no?” Katie asked herself, tearing up on camera. “What if I let all my fear and all the things I thought I should be doing, and people thought I was crazy to adopt a kid in the 1st place by myself, much less take 2 on.

“And so, I was so relieved, overwhelmed, who knows? That moment of God telling me that ‘you answered, you listened’ and it was the right thing, this is for real.”

Katie then officially adopted Hannah in 2018, after the court ruled in her favor of keeping the siblings together.

If at this point, you don’t believe in miracles, then we don’t know how else to convince you.

The mom also has another edition in her adoptive circle of love.

Their brother, little Lewis Jackson, became her legal son on June 25 of last year.

We really weren’t lying when we said this story was absolutely magical.

There is always a reason for the events that occur in your life.
Remember that.

And if you want to hear Katie’s story from her, well, here it is!

We are so happy for you Katie! Thank you for continuing to be a role model to a heck of a lot of people out there.

Would you ever adopt?