Single Woman Says It’s an ‘Instant Turn off’ When Men Don’t Pay for First Dates | 22 Words

A single woman has caused quite the stir online after claiming that it’s an instant turn off when men don’t pay for the first date....

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They can be a little confusing at times, can't they?

Allowing a new partner into your life is always going to be a big deal.

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And it can take months for most couples to fully settle into a comfortable routine.

Because, despite relationships being mostly fun and games...

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The early days of any courtship can be a little tough to navigate.

There is a lot to learn about a new partner...

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And rules and boundaries need to be established from an early stage.

And there's one question on most couples' minds these days...

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How soon is too soon?

Every couple is different.

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While some will drop the "I love you" bomb within a matter of weeks, others can wait for months to finally declare their love.

We're all different.

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And different couples move at different paces when it comes to these significant relationship milestones.

For example...

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Some people would happily move in with their significant other after mere months of dating, while others insist on waiting for years before the big move. Each to their own, right?

One company wanted to know what the average waiting time on these things were...

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Because it'd just be nice to know, wouldn't it?

A recent study focused on how long couples think these milestones should take...

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And, in the process, measured the average length of time it takes for each gender to reach these significant moments.

And let's just say...

The findings were rather interesting.

The study didn't waste any time getting down to the nitty-gritty.

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Surveyed by the online medical service, From Mars, questions varied from how long couples tend to wait until they see each other naked, all the way to when it's acceptable to start sharing Netflix accounts. I told you - It covered everything.

For example...

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The survey, which quizzed 2,000 people of varied ages and genders, found that, on average, women take a whole 7 months to go and do a number 2 at their boyfriend's house.

That's a long time to wait...

Especially considering that men only take 5 months to do their business in their girlfriends' toilets. Though I can't say I'm overly shocked by this...

But there was one finding that was more shocking than the rest...

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And it was how long people take to get fully comfortable with sharing their food.

Now, sharing food is pretty easy for most of us...

But, for some, it can be a real deal-breaker.

As the saying goes...

Joey doesn't share food.

But it turns out that men can't really relate to this...

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As it only takes them 4 months to be fully comfortable with sharing their food with their partners. How sweet.

Women, on the other hand, are a little stingier...

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As their average wait time on food sharing is 5 months.

The study shed an interesting perspective on the world of dating...

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Though I'm not sure how great of an ice breaker it will be on first dates. You can read the rest of the survey's results here.

Every relationship is different.

And there’s no simple recipe for success.

But one woman has caused a huge stir online recently.

After claiming that it’s a huge turn off when men don’t pay for the first date.

Sydney radio producer Jana Hocking revealed why she feels the way she does.

And she referred to the wage-gap, biology, and good old fashioned chivalry.

She explained:

I’ve liked perfectly lovely guys, but if they've gone tight on a bill, I am instantly turned off. Over the weekend I went out with a bloke and was chuffed when he made a big deal about paying the bill. It was assertive and manly, and kind of a turn on. It also said in no uncertain terms that he enjoyed the date and was willing to invest.

What do you think?

The woman went onto say:
I clearly remember being on a date with a guy I thought I might quite like, but when he really stared at my purse as the bill came and wouldn't even reach for his own until I had placed my card on the bill tray first. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Would he always be like this? Counting his pennies.
SO what do you think? Should men pay for the first date?