Sir David Attenborough Says Anti-Vaxxers Are 'Ignorant' | 22 Words

The beloved environmentalist and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, has this week weighed in on those who oppose vaccines...

And, let's just say, he is not at all impressed.


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Now, nobody wants to be seen disagreeing with this man.


Throughout the years, Sir David Attenborough has educated millions of people from all across the globe on the natural wonders of our planet and, as a result, is today considered something of a living legend.

The British broadcaster has dedicated his life to showcasing the lesser-known areas of our planet...


And has introduced us to a whole array of magnificent creatures.

His career first kicked off in 1952.


Sir David joined the BBC as a trainee, having only ever watched 1 television program in his life.

Here, he co-created the hit series Zoo Quest, which combined live studio presentation with footage shot on location, ultimately bringing rare animals - including chimpanzees, pythons, and birds of paradise - into viewers' living rooms for the very first time.

And the rest was history.


Across the next couple of decades, Sir David would travel to the most remote parts of the world where he would immerse himself in before-unheard of cultures, all for our viewing pleasure.

He was - and still is - a trailblazer in his industry...


And his 1979 series, Life on Earth, helped invent the natural history documentary as we know it today.

Years on, he continues to instill a love and passion for nature that no one has ever quite managed before...

In a way that no one else will ever be able to match.

I mean, who else could bring a crowd at Glastonbury Festival to a total standstill with a speech on the natural planet?


No one but Sir David, of course!

He took to the stage at the mammoth music festival in 2019, where he addressed tens of thousands of festival-goers on the importance of the environment.

Though in more recent years, he has shifted his focus onto the issue of climate change.

As global warming takes affect, Sir David has been using his platform and his influence to spread awareness and implement change.

But there's something else that the environmentalist holds a great passion over...


And that's the importance of vaccines.

He has always been a loud-and-proud pro-vaxxer...


​And just last month, he publicly received the COVID-19 vaccine.

A rep confirmed the news of Sir David's vaccine to Metro, while a source told The Sun: "Sir David was always keen to get vaccinated and support both the current program and the NHS. Of course, as well as his family and loved ones, millions of animal fans across the globe will be delighted – this is brilliant news."

But what about his thoughts on the notorious anti-vaxxers?


So many people have been opposing the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine online and, even more outrageously, have been trying to encourage others to not receive the jab.

Well, Sir David is not impressed by this minority...


​And, in a recent interview, he laid his thoughts on the situation out on the table.

Sir David initially appeared on the popular British channel, Channel 4, to discuss the Dasgupta Review.


The review looks at the connection between economics and the environment, and Sir David wrote a forward about the importance of placing biodiversity at the centre of economics.

But, over the course of the interview, the tone shifted...


And Sir David then discussed the challenge of standing up to anti-vaxxers in a pandemic that has impacted hundreds of thousands of people.

Channel 4 journalist, Jon Snow, expressed that the pandemic was unlike anything they had seen in their lifetime...


While Sir David was quick to point out the continued threat of viruses because of damaged eco-systems.

"Pandemics are not new as you point out, I mean there was the Black Death, there have been pestilences and what has happened now, apart from everything else, is the ease one pandemic can overcome the entire world, it can travel everywhere because we can."

Sir David was then asked about how he would approach anti-vaxxers and those who are fearful of being protected from the virus...


To which he replied:

"It is an ignorance of medical fact and if you don't understand it, it's very easy to mistrust it."

He continued:


"After all, you're dealing with something precious with your own body, your own life, and you wish to protect that. Quite right too."

He then warned of the dangers of spreading misinformation about the vaccine.


"And if you don't understand what a vaccination actually does and to some degree how it does it then you say 'keep off me.' If there are people who say that and then get the upper hand in trying to persuade people and frightening people who don't understand then you're in a serious situation."

You can watch a snippet of the interview below.

Very well said, Sir David!