The real-life Rocketman, Elton John, has taken to social media to celebrate his 30 years of sobriety today - and many of his A-list mates have added their congratulations.

Our beloved Elton John has caused a social media storm with his latest post.

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Because he shared a truly amazing piece of news today.

Elton John is a legend...

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And that's why a movie was made about him... but not everything in the movie was accurate.

Let's start with the music...

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Elton John's discography is at the core of Rocketman and is used as a narrative device to tell the story of Elton's life. But not everything was as accurate as it seemed in the successful biopic.

Let's start with the "I Want Love" singalong...

In the movie, we see Elton, or Reggie Dwight, as he was known as a boy, forlorn and lonely, but this loneliness isn't isolated to young Reggie and it appears to be a collective feeling amongst his family. Expressing their feelings through a group rendition of "I Want Love," we watch the Dwight family sharing verses of the Elton John hit.

The Dwight family did, in fact, have a group sing-along...

But, funnily enough, they did not sing "I Want Love"; a song that came out in 2001, forty-five years after they claim that it was sung in the movie.

The Dwight family collectively sang Aimee Mann's "Wise Up".

According to Variety, it was actually the Mann hit that the Dwight's forlornly sang together.

Elton has defended the decision to use "I Want Love" in the movie.

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Speaking to The Sun, Elton said: "'I Want Love' is a song Bernie wrote, I think, about himself: A middle-aged man with a few divorces wondering if he is ever going to fall in love again but it fitted life in Pinner Hill Road perfectly".

Truth at Troubadour?

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In the movie, we see Elton performing at The Troubadour for the first time. It is undoubtedly his performance of "Crocodile Rock" that turned heads on the set and suggests that the number played a significant role in sparking American interest in the singer.

But hang on one minute, when was "Crocodile Rock" released?

In reality, Elton did not write or release "Crocodile Rock" for another three and a half years.

The "I'm Still Standing" finale.


At the end of the movie (sorry... spoilers!), Elton performs "I'm Still Standing". The narrative suggests that this classic Elton John song was written post-rehab and only after a visit from Elton's John's long term friend, Bernie Taupin, who encourages him to get back onto the writing saddle.

Believe me, I wish it was true.

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Sadly, as much as we'd all like to believe that this uplifting number was written whilst Elton was clean, it's simply not true.

Elton wrote and recorded "I'm Still Standing" between 1982 and 1983.

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This was years before Elton got clean and can't really be attributed to the narrative of his re-birth, as the movie suggests.

The meaning behind music evolves and changes over time...

In defense of the musical reshuffling in Rocketman, I'd argue that Elton's songs have grown truer, more profound meanings as his life and career moved forward.

But believe it or not...

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There is so much more to the star than just his music.

Elton is pretty well known for having an eclectic mix of famous friends...

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And even though many of his famous friends, including Princess Diana and George Michael didn't make the cut in the movie... they most certainly did in real life.

At the end of the day, Rocketman is about Elton and his jam-packed life, not his celebrity friends.

Which explains why there is no mention of George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Giovani Vercase, Diana, or Rod Stewart. Fair enough, right?

Rocketman also covered on Elton's darker times...

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Including his drug and alcohol battles... which, by the way, he has now battled.

Well done, Elton!

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And this week he celebrated a huge milestone.

A thirty year sober birthday!

Which is an absolutely incredible milestone.

He shared his new chip.

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What an amazing achievement.

And the comments rolled in.

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Like this string of hearts from Elizabeth Hurley.

Many celebs left their congratulations.

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Everyone's so proud of the star.

One comment brought a tear to our eye.

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From Elton's hubby. Sob.

He even had a cake!

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Such a cute idea.

And got lots of happy anniversary cards.

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