The tragic deaths of 2 sisters after a freak hammock accident has captured hearts all around the country, and now the girls have been honored with a celebration of life...

Cleveland Heights has been left devastated after the tragic deaths of 2 sisters.

Fourteen-year-old Scout Scaravilli and her twelve-year-old sister Chasey were killed in a freak accident a week ago.

The sisters, who were students at Cleveland's The Hathaway Brown School, were "inseparable."

And loved playing in their backyard together.

Chasey was known at the school for her artistic talent and sense of humor.

While Scout was an athlete and a "devoted big sister."

The pair leave behind their parents and 2 younger twin sisters...

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Who will begin the fifth grade at Hathaway Brown in the fall.

The freak accident happened on June 14th at the girls' home in Cleveland Heights.

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At the time, the pair were lying in a hammock tied between a tree and a brick pillar.

But, at around 7.45 pm...

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Tragedy struck.

The brick pillar collapsed suddenly...

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Burying the 2 girls beneath the pillar rubble.

At the time of the accident...

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Their father was in the backyard napping and described that "in an instant" the pillar collapsed.

Police and fire crews quickly arrived at their home to free them from the debris...

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And they were immediately taken to hospital.

But devastatingly...

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Hours after the incident they were pronounced dead from their injuries at the hospital.

The girls' father, JJ Scaravilli, said he had looked at the pillar "100 times."

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"I looked at it 100 times. I never thought a brick pillar would come down like that - it was never in my mind," he told WKYC. 

He went on to say that he doesn't blame anyone for the tragic accident...

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"I don't blame anybody, I don't blame myself, I don't blame those girls. Accidents happen. They were a gift and they're needed someplace else now," he said.

He described his daughters as "the most beautiful creatures."

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"They are definitely beautiful. But their real beauty is and was on the inside and it still is on the inside."

The girls' school was among those paying tribute.

"The entire HB community is saddened by the loss of the Scaravilli sisters; they will be greatly missed by so many friends, classmates, and teachers. Our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to their family," Hathaway Brown Head of School, Fran Bisselle, said in the statement.

The school's Director of Middle School, Sharon Baker, said the girls "brought joy into every room."

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Adding that: "You couldn't be around them without smiling or laughing."

The devastated Scaravilli family have created a tribute of their own.

The family has planted 2 trees in the place where the hammock had been.

And on Saturday...

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A Celebration of Life for the two was held Saturday night at Hawken School in Chesterland.

A memorial fund has also been set up...

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The family is accepting donations for the Scout and Chasey Scaravilli Memorial Fund "as a lasting tribute and continuation of the girls' deep appreciation of sisterhood."

Rest in Peace, Scout and Chasey.

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Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to their family during this difficult time.