2 doctors recently took to TikTok to show off what an epidural needle really looks like and it's seriously freaked people out.

Just wait until you see the length of the thing...

Now, pregnancy is a pretty magical thing...


Because creating and growing another human being within your body is truly remarkable.

Pregnant women are essentially walking miracles...


But as we all know, these miracles come at a cost.

Those 9 months of pregnancy can be very difficult...

And they're certainly so much harder than they look.

Then, of course, the common side effects begin to develop.

Insomnia, fatigue, morning sickness, aches, and pains... to name a few.

So, it's safe to say that pregnancy is very rarely a walk in the park!


But of course, welcoming a healthy baby into the world is always worth it.

And the fact that there are now so many pain-relieving drugs and medication available for the grueling labor is also a comforting fact.

Yep, an au naturel birth is no longer the only option for expecting mothers; which is ideal for those who are particularly anxious about the pain.

Because who wants to experience the full-throttle pain of labor and giving birth?!

While some moms are eager and willing to take on the pain, many moms would simply prefer to welcome their child into the world with minimal stress and screaming... which is totally fine, by the way.

Well, this is when the epidural procedure comes in.


An epidural is an anesthetic or numbing agent that's injected directly into the spine.

It completely numbs from the waist down, which allows the mom to be an active participant during childbirth and completely alert when it's time to greet her newborn.

Simple enough, right?

Well, St. George's University medical student Hansel Viera and Dr. Carlos De La Hoz have taken to TikTok recently to demonstrate exactly what an epidural needle looks like... and it's freaked out so many people.

Now, Hansel Viera and Dr. Carlos De La Hoz are professionals who have administered epidurals many times throughout their careers...


And in their video, which has now been viewed more than thirteen million times, they show off 3 different needles; with the biggest being the epidural needle, of course!

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Hansel explained why epidural needles are so long.


"Epidural needles are long so that we get better access to the epidural space. The length of such needles can vary depending on the patient's BMI," he explained.

"The more fat stored around the area, the longer the needle will need to be to obtain better access and administer the medication. The most common question is, 'Does it go all the way in?' And the answer [in] most cases is no, but again, it varies from patient to patient."

He then gave us the golden answer to whether receiving an epidural hurts or not.

"It may cause some discomfort, but in itself, it is not particularly painful since we employ different steps before the insertion of the long needle," he said.

"[Before the epidural,] we inject a local anesthetic to the skin where most of the nerve endings are located. With this, the patient will feel minimal or none of the epidural needle as it penetrates the skin. Some patients may ask to see what you are doing, [and] some will opt to not see anything. 'Out of sight, out of mind,' they say."

So, are you ready to see the epidural needle?


Here it is, in all of it's glory... and all we can say is yikes.

But just as Hansel explained, an epidural is designed to reduce pain...


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And alongside being highly affective, an epidural injection looks so much worse than it feels... believe us.

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