Over a year on from Disney star, Cameron Boyce's, tragic death, his friend and former co-star Skai Jackson has dedicated her Dancing With The Stars performance to the late actor.

The internet has had a lot to say about it...

In the ballroom, Jackson paid a touching tribute to the star.

Jackson truly danced from the heart on the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars, and it's left the internet feeling very emotional.

The actress had tears streaming down her face during the performance...

And it's reminded fans just how much of a tragic and untimely loss Boyce's death was.

For those who don't know, Boyce was best recognized for his work with Disney.

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You will probably remember Cameron best from his role as Carlos De Vil in the Disney movie franchise, Descendants. He also starred in other Disney titles such as Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up, and Jessie.

But acting wasn’t all that Boyce was known for.

Cameron was always very vocal about his diverse heritage, and how coming from a mixed Jewish and Afro Caribbean family was important to him.

His grandmother was part of the Clinton 12.

Cameron’s grandmother, Jo Ann Allen Boyce, was one of the first twelve black students to be integrated into a white high school in Clinton, 1956. The actor was visibly very proud of his heritage and posted about his family on his social media accounts quite regularly.

He spoke proudly about his grandmother in his last ever interview.

Speaking to Haute Living, Cameron discussed his pride concerning his grandmother’s story: "Her story doesn't just inspire me ... It hits home with everyone who stops to listen to it. "She and the other eleven students set the stage for our generation to come together. We have to ensure - especially with some of the controversy plaguing us now - that we continue to push towards dreams that have yet to be realized. Equality in its truest sense."

He even made a short film for Black History Month.

In 2016, Cameron directed a short film for Black History Month, in which he addressed his grandmother’s role in the Clinton 12 movement, and ultimately kept the memory of these advocates alive.

Boyce also worked for other great causes throughout his short life.

Cameron was a vocal advocate for The Thirst Project, a charity dedicated to providing clean and drinkable water to disadvantaged communities. His humanitarian work raised $30,000 to build two wells for clean drinking water in Swaziland, and he also used his platform to raise awareness about the Global Water Crisis.

Overall, Cameron Boyce was a truly unique and special human being.

And news of his untimely death hit the world hard. The actor passed away on July 6th, after suffering an epileptic seizure in his sleep.

There had initially been little detail on his passing.

In an official statement upon news of Cameron's death, a family spokesperson expressed the family’s heartbreak: "The world is now undoubtedly without one of its brightest lights, but his spirit will live on through the kindness and compassion of all who knew and loved him. "We are utterly heartbroken and ask for privacy during this immensely difficult time as we grieve the loss of our precious son and brother."

Tributes flooded in for the actor.

Fans and personal friends alike shared heartwarming tributes and stories about Cameron over social media.

People were shell-shocked when the news broke.

Social media users instantly expressed their shock and sadness over Cameron’s unexpected death, with many fans feeling a close attachment to the actor.

And one person who was personally affected by his death was Skai Jackson.

Eighteen-year-old Jackson worked alongside Boyce from 2011 to 2015 on Disney’s Jessie - and in that time, they forged a close friendship.

And this week, she decided to pay tribute to the late star.

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Jackson took to the ballroom once again in the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars, dedicating her dance to Boyce.

Speaking to her partner, Alan Bersten, before her performance, she said that Boyce was “in my life for half of my life."

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"We just really built this bond for years and years and years and he was kind of like a big brother figure to me, you know, and always looked out for me through everything. He really molded me into the person I am now."

This performance clearly meant a lot to Jackson.

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"Of course, I miss him every day… It just makes me a little bit sad, of course. He’s not here, but I know that he would be really proud of me. … I’m just really glad that he’s here to watch over us."

The actress had tears streaming down her face after she danced to John Legend's Ordinary People in memory of her friend.

And it seems her performance touched the hearts of judges too, scoring Jackson her first ten of the season.

The internet also had a lot to say about Jackson's tribute.

And reactions instantly came flooding in.

You can watch the full performance below.

Such an incredible tribute. Cameron would be proud. For more on Boyce, scroll on to watch the emotional video his mom posted on his twenty-first birthday...