‘Skinny’ House Leaves Social Media Users Confused and Questioning How Someone Lives There

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A property that has been christened as the “skinny house” in Illinois has left social media users scratching their heads as to how people actually live within its narrow walls…

A house has just gone viral for how weirdly thin it is.

Yep, just when you thought things couldn’t get more bizarre.

Footage of the remarkably slender house was posted onto TikTok, where it was quick to gain a lot of attention from perplexed viewers.

A woman actually lives in the slender house, and it’s rooms are actually very spacious… In their own peculiar way, of course.

Size, size, size.

Yep, we all dream of owning a huge house one day…

Or one of a decent size, at least.

However, not everyone is too fussy with the size of the house… So much so that someone has actually lived in a house famous for its “skinny” build.

And the inside is not what any of us were expecting.

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Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

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Well, that’s when things start to get a little strange.

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Has someone come and sawed it in half? Is there actually space for belongings inside? Do the homeowners sleep standing up? The questions are endless.

And his viewers were a little baffled, to say the least.

And a showering of comments from befuddled watchers. One person commented, “That’s not a house – that’s a hallway.” While another noted, “You gotta sleep standing up.”

While the house looks ridiculously narrow from the outside, photos from the listing when it was up for sale show that it is quite the find from the inside.

Firstly, we have the living room – admittedly, quite a narrow room, but very livable all the same!

Much bigger than expected!

Which gives the house a very spacious – and, of course, unexpected – feel.

Again, a very normal-sized looking room, isn’t it?

Which is located down in the basement.

I have no idea how the architects managed that.

via : Zillow

But it’s quite an impressive property all the same! You can see the original listing in full here. For more bizarre house listings, keep scrolling…