Horrifying footage shows the moment a woman was blasted by a police water cannon at a lockdown protest, thus resulting in her fracturing her skull.

Here's the full story...

Now, during this pandemic, we have experienced a whole array of conspiracy theories.


As COVID-19 wages on, there is still a point of discussion as to whether it is as dangerous as officials say it is, whether it's simply a huge government-fabricated scheme, or even if the virus exists at all.

Opinions on the matter are well and truly divided...


But the fact remains that there are far too many people who believe the pandemic is simply the government's way of "controlling us."

And sadly, as the months have slowly trickled by...

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More and more people have been joining the anti-COVID movement.

This ideology is not only dangerous to the people who believe in it...


But it is also incredibly damaging to the rest of us.

COVID-deniers have become known for refusing to wear masks, abide by social distancing, or abide to the lockdowns...


Thus putting anyone they come into contact with at risk.

These enraged anti-COVIDers are on the rise...


And, clearly, they're oblivious to the harm they are inflicting upon those more vulnerable to the virus.

But this week, one woman suffered a devastating injury as a result of an anti-lockdown protest.


Footage has started circulating that shows the moment a woman was blasted by a police water cannon at an anti-lockdown protest over in the Netherlands.

People are horrified by what they saw....

The jet was fired from a police van...


As Denisa Štastná was walking past, filming the protest on her phone.

The high-powered blast of water can be seen hitting Denisa...


And slamming her against a nearby building. Her boyfriend, who was walking just a few paces infront, could be seen waving and shouting at the van as she crumpled to the floor.

Denisa, who is a Czech national, lay motionless for a few moments...


Before being picked up and escorted away by her boyfriend.

At one point, she stumbles past the camera, blood pouring down one side of her face.

She reportedly had to have fifteen stitches in her head after the incident.

Denisa has since claim3e that she and her boyfriend were not involved in the rioting in protest against the country's stricter lockdown rules, but had turned out to film the events. She told local news outlet Omroep Brabant:

"We just stood there filming and walked away. They had no right to use the water cannon on us."

You can watch the shocking moment for yourself below.

We hope that Denisa makes a speedy recovery.