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Anyone who has lived in an apartment will know that they aren't always very spacious. But this week, one mom has attempted to turn a small cupboard into a sleeping area for her stepdaughter. Although, not everyone is happy with the move...

Keep scrolling to take a look at the newly renovated cupboard and to find out why some people are less than impressed.

Many will be familiar with the feeling of having a living space that is far too small for your family.

Forcing you to come up with creative ways to utilize the space in the best possible way.

And that's exactly what one mom over the pond in the UK has done this week...

But, her transformation of a small cupboard has been met with a very mixed reception. Keep scrolling to see why...

Redecorating is no easy feat.

Whether it’s fitting a whole new kitchen, bathroom, and flooring, or even just a lick of paint – giving a house a makeover is certainly no walk in the park.

Not to mention the fact that home improvements can come with a hefty price tag.

Totaling up the cost or materials and/or the decorator themselves isn’t for the faint of heart.

Which is why many of us will do it ourselves...

Pinterest and a paintbrush is all you need, right?

Bit the struggles of home renovation are heightened when you've got little space to work with.

This especially the case in cramped, one-bedroom apartments.

Anyone who has lived in an apartment, especially in a big city, will know that they aren't exactly filled with endless space.

Which can pose difficulties of its own - especially if there's more than one person staying there.

A woman in the UK was posed with this exact dilemma.

When her partner's daughter came to stay in her one-bedroom apartment, there was simply nowhere for her to have her own space.

So, she had to get a little imaginative...

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And realized that a small cupboard could be repurposed so the little girl could have her own space.

She says her partner did "most of the work" in transforming the little nook...


She shared her handiwork to the popular Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, saying: “A bit of imagination and creativity. “Small cupboard turned into a sleeping area in my 1 bedroom flat for my partner's daughter when she stays."

Luckily, she already had some materials she could use in the space.

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“The wallpaper I already had, we bought the bed, duvet/duvet set, the pink paint, a lampshade and a colored bulb which she changes to blue so the room looks purple, and then the bits for the shelves."

She managed to complete the project on a budget too.

The woman estimates it only cost her around $155. "The paint, duvet/duvet set, and lampshade were from The Range. The shelves and bits were from B&M, the bed was from a UK site on eBay."

While, of course, it's still not ideal.


The space is obviously tiny, but it means the little girl has somewhere to call her own.

And apparently, it's gone down a treat.


“The door we left on for when she's not there but it's open when she is and in there. “She loves the privacy she now has and thinks it's cozy."

Many praised the mom for making the best of what she has.

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Several people pointed out how much of a clever idea it is for people with limited space.

Some also raised this point.

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Having your own space is so important.

But not everyone was happy with what they saw...

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One person said they wouldn't even let their dog sleep in there, let alone a child.

One woman joked about the cupboard looking like a prison cell.

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Big yikes.

Others raised some more practical points.

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What would it be like to sleep in there during a really hot night?

People couldn't help but joke.

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Either way, it seems the woman has done the best with what she's got. For another shocking transformation, keep scrolling to see how a guy transformed a creepy attic into a dream walk-in-closet for his wife...