Post Is a Warning To Never Smash a Cake in Someone's Face | 22 Words

A woman's post has gone viral after she revealed how she got gravely injured when someone smashed a cake into her face.

Disclaimer: This article may contain some graphic details.

Now people are re-thinking the long-standing tradition due to her serious warning.


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So where does the "cake smashing" celebration come from?


Well, apparently, it has roots to Mexican culture in what is called la mordida.

Mordida means "bite" in Spanish and even though it started off as a Mexican tradition...


It's now a growing trend in the United States as well as other countries in the world.

But why has it now become dangerous?


As you know, cakes for celebrations are usually layered whether it be a wedding or a birthday party and bakers usually use extra apparatus to keep the layers in place.

The most commonly used are either chopsticks or PVC pipes...


So you can imagine, that would be a pretty scary thing to have smashed into your face.

Not to mention some cakes having candles on top which already mean you should be cautious...


One woman, known on Facebook as By Gimā, sent out a warning to her followers after a cake was smashed into her face that had chopsticks in them.

The green and red layered cake had sharp, thin sticks between the layers, keeping them upright.


And it went straight into her eyes.

People were shocked upon hearing the news...


The post ended up receiving over 14,000 reactions and has been shared 300,000 times.


Clearly, this warning really made people cautious.

And this isn't the first time something like this has happened...

Back in 2016, a girl lost consciousness when her head hit the table when she was cake-smashed on her 16th birthday.

Thankfully, she regained consciousness and survived the ordeal.

But is it really worth the risk of serious injury or even death? Nope!

Be careful out there guys...

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