‘Smiley’ Baby Born Without Eyes Finds Happy Forever Home After Mom Cruelly Abandoned Him

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A baby born without eyes was cruelly abandoned by his mother, but thankfully the story has a very happy ending…

On any given day, there are nearly 443,000 children in foster care here in this country.

And those statistics are only based on the children that have been registered into their country’s system.

And children are often bounced from one foster home to another, therefore never experiencing any real stability while growing up. Some children are even separated from their siblings in the foster process.

The longer a child remains in temporary care, the more likely it is that he or she will experience multiple placement changes, and therefore disrupted relationships in the future.

A lot of people assume that the foster system is a short-term solution, a substitute family, while a child’s home life is getting settled or arranged… but this is not the case.  

The majority of children in foster care come from broken and unstable families who are incapable of caring for them.

Some children land themselves in foster care because they have been abandoned by their families.

Sasha was born in Russia with a very rare medical condition called SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome.

And there are only 2 other children in the whole world that have the same genetic deformation.

Besides the 2 benign cysts on his forehead which have now been removed, the baby has no other medical issues unlike the other 2 babies born with the condition. They suffer from other illnesses alongside SOX2 anophthalmia.

The young mother placed him in the care of an orphanage where a nurse took care of him when he arrived.

“He is no different to other children, he plays and smiles just like any healthy baby.”

“He loves playing and adores swimming. He is a very cheerful baby indeed.”

However, he has had tiny eye orbs implanted into his sockets to ensure that his face is not deformed as he grows up.

Last November, little Sasha was adopted by a family in Russia and the nurses who are currently taking care of the little boy are beyond happy that he is finding his “forever home.”

“We are, of course, very happy for baby Sasha and wishing him and his parents all the best.”

Hopefully, this will be the start of something amazing for the little boy. Keep scrolling to see how one dad has made a difference to fifty young men after he fostered them…