Our Nominees for the Snapchat Hall of Fame

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When you think comedy, the Snapchat app most likely won’t come to mind. But maybe it should! Snapchat is the brief photo-sharing social media platform that quickly shunned away all the naughty people and became a place to share funny, silly photos with all your friends. And then filters came along and changed the game forever. Suddenly, Snapchat was art.

And that is where we are today. These Snapchats are so much more than selfies and heart-eyes– these are masterpieces. They will make you laugh like, for real. The people who created and sent these Snapchats deserve to be highlighted in the Snapchat Hall of Fame, which is a thing now because I said so. These snaps will make you marvel at the talent of their creators. You might stand up and involuntarily applaud these snaps for their ingenuity. They’re that good. You’ve been warned.

Sure, Snapchat is full of things like this:

I truly believe there is value to videos of cats shooting rainbows out of their mouths, but the other snaps you are about to see take the art of Snapchat a bit further.


The faces on these statues say it all. I can’t believe that Mildred took this poor girl’s arm.

When Mom joins Snapchat

What a fine and upstanding son she’s got there. I bet all his snaps have always been as wholesome.

Harry Potter

Look, Harry wasn’t the best student. I’m glad he found someone to hire him at all.

Imaginary friends

Your imaginary friends left because you wouldn’t look up from your phone, dude. Learn to socialize properly!

Face in the shirts

This is so spooky. I think if you press on that head, the shirts will open up to reveal a hidden passageway that you can explore out of curiosity.

Sorting cone

The sorting cone knows all. However, it sorts everyone as a construction worker. I don’t know why.

Freshman vs. senior girls

This is mostly true except for I was the person who was like, “It’s the first day of college? Hello sweatpants!” and then proceeded to not dress in real clothes for four years, parties included.

Good day

At least she’s got leather seats and they’re the same color as the drink she spilled! That’s a silver lining.

Eating alone

Get it? Because he’s wearing camouflage.

Twix up my sleeve

Tricks up your sleeve are good. But tricks up your sleeve are great.

Behind you

Oh, that terrifying floating human spine and skull monster? Nope! Don’t see it anywhere.


But MOOOOOM! What am I supposed to do without my torso and all of my limbs! I can’t go anywhere. This is not fair!

MS Paint lesson

Um, I’m sharing this because I think it’s a great idea and everyone should do this when they’re bored in class or anywhere else.

Taking a big dump

Apparently, the correct answer was “taking a pop quiz,” but that’s not nearly as fun or as widely used as “taking a big dump.”

Party soup

This is a brilliant idea! Sometimes at a party, you’re hungry for soup. We’ve all experienced that. This is the perfect vessel for consuming soup at a party.

Exit 1D

Well, what are you doing? Take the exit and go find him!


This is what you get when your parents discover Snapchat. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Be a dad

This poster is like, “Take some time to be a dad today before your brother throws you off a cliff and into a stampede of wildebeests, killing you and traumatizing your son for life.”

Found Dory

Uh, oh. Dory is a fish stick now.

Too much thyme

I hope this was an accident that turned into a happy pun and that they didn’t waste all this thyme for this one joke.


Well, she fulfilled her promise. The look on her poor face makes me cackle.

Skeleton stand-up

“I’ll be here all week! “Just kidding! I’ll be here forever. I’m dead!”

Sue Yu

She should go to law school! But she should become a type of lawyer that never sues people, just to mess with everybody.


Oh man, kids throwing parties they’re not supposed to be throwing when it’s snowing out. The footprints will reveal your secret.

Charging port

Raise your hand if you’ve done this before. We’ve all done this before.

Only Ketchup

I understand that people who work in the food industry get some strange requests, but I bet no one has ever purposely ordered a hamburger bun with just ketchup on it.

In the fold

Aw, this is so sad. At least you can look back and not be embarrassed about what you looked like in high school.

Shining twins

Obviously, this is the best use of this emoji and this guy should win the Emoji Competition, which is a real competition, and not something I made up.


I love the apathetic shark. He’s my favorite. Share this with a Snapchat enthusiast in your life!