The world was knocked off its feet when Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released "WAP," and to say it divided people would be an understatement.

Now, Snoop Dog has decided to come out and slate Cardi, and he didn't hold back...

"WAP" has really divided the world.

I'm here to spill all the tea about Cardi B's tune, including how it's suddenly become an iconic anthem for us all. Yes, all of us.

How do I even begin to explain what "WAP" is about to you?

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The Bronx rapper is well known for her brash behavior and her overly sexualized image, but her most recent single has certainly taken things to a whole new level.

Featuring rapper Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B released "WAP" earlier this month...

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And as you can imagine, the single is everything that we would have expected from Cardi B.

The word "explicit" doesn't quite cover it...

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"WAP" (which stands for something that we aren't even going to go into right now) is all kinds of hip-hop badness that fans have fallen head over heels for.

Cardi's single has even broken records.

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The track was confirmed as being the U.S number one on the HOT 100 by Billboard, earning Cardi her 4th U.S number-one single and Megan her second.

But the thing that people are talking about is "WAP"'s music video.

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Set in a wonky-looking house clad with wild animal deco, Cardi and Megan are seen strutting their stuff in glamorous dresses and lingerie whilst serving some fierce looks... but they aren't alone.

A whole range of erotic female dancers features in the video...

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And as Cardi said in her own words, "I wanted different types of bad b****** in my video. Black, white, Latin, mix."

Even Kylie Jenner made the cut...

Which then lead to a petition being launched to get the reality star removed from the video. Yikes.

Whoever choreographed the video had a very vivid imagination...

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And the dance moves thrown leave very little to the imagination, to say the least!

Fans had a lot to say about the video...

And it's safe to say that not everyone was loving the erotic dancing and the eye-wateringly explicit lyrics.

WAP is not a track you want to listen to with your family...

Especially not with your grandmother!

Apparently, "WAP" is totally inappropriate.

The fact that millions of young people are being influenced by this track is extremely unsettling.

Some people aren't impressed...

And feel that the track is "disgusting" rather than "empowering," as it has been labeled in the past.

Tucker Carlson even branded the track as "garbage."

He pondered what tracks like "WAP" are doing to the younger generation and how those who are rich and famous pushing this culture onto young people "should be ashamed of themselves." But that's Tucker Carlson, he's a bit of a... you know.

But not everyone was so cruel about it.

This user had some pretty wise words for those that are "crying" over the song.

Some even compared it to other "vulgar" songs...

That's not a sight I ever want to see again.

This user defended Cardi...

She claims that the rapper "owns her sexuality." We're totally here for that.

Snoop Dog doesn't think so though...

The singer doesn't think women should be as open about their sexuality as it should be their "pride and possession."

This is coming from the man that sang "Sexual Eruption."

With lyrics such as: "I whispered in her ear, "Lil momma, what you drank? I know that you're a freak But you know I ain? t gon say shh."

And of course, it gets a little spicer...

"See my game is outrageous I got into the crib and exchanged some love faces But it wasn't no need for me to rush to bust one Cus I wanted her to have an eruption."

So you're telling me that's not on the same wavelength as "WAP?"

You're talking about a woman having an "eruption," please stop it, Snoop.

During an interview with Central Ave, he elaborated:

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"That’s your jewel [and] you should hold onto that. That should be a possession that no one gets to know about until they know about it," he explained.

He continued, then changing his tune a little bit:

"But, as an older man, I love it that they’re expressing themselves and they’re doing their thing. I just don’t want it to where young girls feel like they can express themselves like that without even knowing that that is a jewel that they hold onto."

Later on, TMZ spoke to Cardi B's husband, Offset, about his remarks.

He said he loves Snoop, but "she grown." "I don’t get in female business. I hate when men do that. I don’t do that."

He also added this:

"It’s entertainment, you know what I’m saying? That’s a number one record. Anybody can say what they wanna say, that’s 6-time platinum in 3 or 4 months... it wasn’t that bad cause it went to number one."

And just to add that bit of icing on the cake, Offset continued:

"As rappers, we talk about the same sh**. It’s a lot of women empowerment, don’t shoot it down. We’ve never had this many artists that’s female artists running this sh**. They catching up to us, passing us, setting records."

Come through, Offset.

Either way, we're living for Cardi B's bad b**** attitude. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and blast "WAP" for the rest of the day. If you're in the mood for more Cardi B news, see why she was recently slated by even her own fans...