Calls for Disney to "change the plotline" of the Snow White ride have recently started following claims that it promotes "kissing without consent."

Now the ride's creator has spoken out - and he didn't hold back.

Disney has found itself in hot water this month.

And it all surrounds the thorny issue of consent.

Calls have been made for Disney to "change the plotline" of their remade Snow White ride as it promotes "kissing without consent"...

But, not everyone agrees.

The criticism first began as a result of Disneyland's grand reopening following its closure due to the current pandemic.

Upon reopening, the park revamped many of its rides - including the Snow White Enchanted Wish ride.

The Snow White Enchanted Wish ride takes guests aboard a wooden mine cart as they accompany the princess as she eschews the clutches of the Evil Queen.

At the end, it concludes with Prince Charming kissing a sleeping Snow White which some think is not consensual.

A debate on the matter recently took place on UK morning television.

One woman, relationship expert, Emiliana Silvestri, disagreed with the claims that it promotes kissing without consent.

"I watched all the Disney films as a child, so does my child, and neither of us are confused about consent," Silvestri said while on Good Morning Britain.

"I think [consent teaching] is the responsibility of the parent. It's an important conversation to be having, but it's not Disney we should be looking to that's the cause of this problem."

"Disney has evolved through criticism and they have changed the characters throughout the years. This is a very historical story and I don't think they should have to change history because of this consent debate, when the story never caused any issues."

While dating historian, Nichi Hodgson, disagreed stating that she believed the kiss is problematic, as it promotes kissing without consent.

"Many parents don't know what their children are watching. And may not be paying attention," Hodgson said.

"Disney has a moral duty. They can be an ethical business if they want to be. They make billions every year from their films. Children watch their films from a very young age, and they are some of the first stories they imbibe."

"The original story does not end with a kiss, Disney invented that kiss," she continued.

"They do have responsibility for changing the original plotline."

But now Disney Imagineer Jim Shull has hit back at the controversy.


And he's not happy.

What do you think of the controversy?

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