Social Media Is Cringing at Video of Proposal at Baseball Game That Goes Horribly Wrong

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A video of a cringe-worthy proposal has gone viral after Twitter users got their hands on it.

The short clip showed an unnamed man getting down on one knee in front of his partner before she rejected him horribly. And she doesn’t just reject him, she runs away. Literally.

Holding her hands up, the girl was clearly taken by surprise and backs away from her lover before completely leaving the stadium altogether. After she’s gone, he gets up from the ground and awkwardly makes his way through the crowd. And the worst thing about it is that it was all happening on the big stadium screen just before the kiss cam. That’s a big, fat yikes if I ever did see one.

The incident occurred during a minor league baseball game in Massachusetts in a dugout on Thursday but some people online have been questioning the credibility of the stunt, claiming that the acting looks to be “fake.”

Mixed reactions have poured in:

In the footage, you can even see the players from the Worcester Red Sox team turn around, looking amused at the scene and when they realized that the man got rejected, they were shocked.

According to the New York Post, the video was taken by Ashley Green, a photographer at the scene. Even towards the end of the clip, you can hear the woman muttering “I’m sorry” over and over again as she leaves the stadium. Green then spoke to Insider and told them that she believed the whole thing was a stunt.

However, Steven Wooster, a fan who said he was at the Worcester Red Sox game when this happened, told the radio station 98.5 The Sports Hub that he thought the scene was “real” because of the way he the man reacted to the rejection.

“I was sitting on the third-base side. I looked across and saw the gentleman in the purple jersey,” Wooster told the station in a phone call. “The woman was horrified after the proposal. She ran up the stairs. The gentleman ran after her with 2 of his buddies.”

“I saw the whole thing. It was horrifying,” he added.

Whoever that man is out there, here’s some ice for that burn buddy. You’ll find someone someday… It just probably won’t be that girl.