Soldiers Banned From Saying ‘Mankind’ and ‘Sportsmanship’ Over Fears They Could Cause Offense

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Societies across the globe are doing their best to make the world more inclusive by implementing gender-neutral terms.

And now, in the Army’s latest gender equality drive, soldiers have been banned from using words like “mankind.”

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Now, the world has progressed a lot over the last few years in terms of inclusivity.

But despite a huge shift in language, there’s still a lot of work left to be done…

We may be unable to change history, even though a lot of us would like to.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot be progressive and respectful moving forward.

More and more people are now making a conscious effort to include gender-neutral pronouns in day-to-day life.

And it’s safe to say that the LGBTQ+ community is now bigger than ever and if they think this will help us to achieve equality, then we should respect that.

So much so, that the United Nations shared this important tweet.

They wrote: “What you say matters. Help create a more equal world by using gender-neutral language if you’re unsure about someone’s gender or are referring to a group,” along with a list of appropriate gender-neutral language to use.

For instance…

“Chair” instead of “Chairman,” “Police Officer” instead of “Police Man,” and “Spouse” instead of “Husband/Wife.”

And now the Army is following, as part of their latest gender equality drive, soldiers have been banned from using words like “mankind.”

But the news has not gone down well online…

As per the Daily Mail, troops from the 22 Engineer Regiment have been banned from referring to each other as “lads.”

In a remodelling to become a gender-neutral organisation, words such as “mankind” and “sportsmanship” have also been banned.

The sergeant major for 22 Engineer Regiment’s enforced a ban on the word “lads” following a series of online meetings.

He reportedly told troops that “values and standards” had slacked recently while conducting business using Zoom calls or Microsoft Teams.
“There has been a drop in V and S over the last few weeks… Saluting/bracing up… make sure people are getting paid the correct compliments… All are to remember D and I [diversity and inclusion] – “gents”, “men”, “lads” and other phrases are not to be used,” he said.

However, the move has left some unsure.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, a serving soldier said: “I’ve served on operations with lots of women. I didn’t meet one who was offended by the word “lads”.

“Someone of such a sensitive nature, be they male or female, would not last five minutes,” they added.

“I think the bosses are trying to solve a problem which frankly doesn’t exist. There is no engrained or subconscious bias in the use of words like “lads”… This is nonsense.”

Since 2018, women have been able to apply for all military roles.

The Army has also introduced gender and age-neutral fitness tests, whereby males and females are required to achieve the same standard.
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