Some Black People Want Us to Stop Calling Racist Women ‘Karen’

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As we fight against the blatant racism occurring in this country, many of us have taken to labeling racist white women as “Karens.”

But, while this has been a lighthearted and funny way of identifying these bigots for most of us, some black people are now urging us to stop using this nickname for one important reason…

And let me tell you, it hasn’t been pretty.

And, once upon a time, they were merely an innocent and hilarious joke.  

We’ve seen an unusual influx of nastier, more sinister Karens dominating our headlines.

In May, a white woman was publically ridiculed after she was filmed calling the cops on a black man.

And the woman, who has now been identified as Amy Cooper, was seen calling the police on a black man who had asked her to put her dog on a leash. Thankfully, Amy’s actions came back to bite her, and she was fired from her job in the days after the video went viral.

Thus kickstarting a new trend of labeling racist white women.

Because, just weeks after that incident, another racist Karen reared its ugly head.

She unleashed a barrage of hateful and racist abuse at the shopper, and even told her to “go back to Mexico.”

But people reveled in glee when she was spectacularly slapped across the face.

And he was just as terrifying as you could imagine.

And he could be heard telling them that he “fought for this country” and demanding their arrest. How very Karen of him.

A Twitter user shared a shocking video that showed one of his neighbors in L.A vandalizing his car with a hammer in a brutal and racially-motivated attack.

If any bigoted white woman expresses racially-motivated hate or abuse, she is labeled as a “Karen.”  

Well, some black people have now called for an end to the nickname, and it’s all for one important reason.

As stated earlier, the term “Karen” has always been used in a light-hearted and joking manner… And racism is neither light-hearted nor a joke.

As it somehow makes light of the disgusting racism ensued by these women.

Not by a silly gimmick used to mock women demanding a store manager.

It is total madness that “white supremacist” has been replaced with a cute nickname.

Let’s just stop using it to sugar-coat racists, okay?

Are these people simply being dramatic? Or should we put this “harmful” nickname to bed, once and for all?