A guy has edited clips of people throwing a tantrum over having to wear face masks into a Parks and Rec episode and it's scarily accurate.

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Parks and Recreation was one of those shows that you never wanted to end.

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There were so many things about it that made it stand out from other sitcoms of its time.

And if you're a fan of the show...

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Then you'll probably remember all of those iconic town hall scenes where the residents of Pawnee would get very worked up about very petty things.

They'd yell about pretty much anything and everything...

From time capsules to corn syrup, truly nothing was off-limits.

Now, with the recent wave of people throwing tantrums about having to wear a mask...

Many people have begun pointing out how similar real life is at the moment to Parks and Rec.

It's actually kind of scary...

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Yes, masks can be uncomfortable, but it's pretty unbelievable that grown adults are feeling the need to throw tantrums over having to wear them during a literal pandemic.

As you've probably seen on the news...

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There have been a ton of town hall meetings regarding having to wear face masks in public.

In some states, it has become mandatory to wear a face mask on certain occasions.

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For example in some retail stores like Costco, customers are required to wear one.

The scenes of people getting extremely riled up about having wearing masks are eerily similar to those in the popular sitcom.

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2020 really is a wild ride, that's for sure.

Many of these anti-maskers are using conspiracy theories swirling around the internet about the virus as ammunition.

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And they get very passionate about it.

In fact, a group of people went as far as to organize a national "no mask" day...

At this point, you can only roll your eyes.

So, one Parks and Rec fan, actor and producer Law Sharma, decided to perfectly encapsulate what we're all feeling.

How? By editing these furious, anti-mask town hall attendees into a scene from the hit show.  You won't believe how good it is. Keep scrolling to watch...

And let's just say...

The result is terrifyingly accurate, not to mention hilarious.

"This is a planned-demic. This is totally political, and you know it!" a woman from a recent Palm Beach town hall yells at one point in the clip.

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All while Leslie Knope looks equally confused and petrified.

During another part of the hilarious clip, a woman rants on about how face masks are actually sexual fetish-wear.

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Meanwhile, Andy Dwyer tries to desperately conceal his giggles.

At another point in the video...

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We hear a woman furiously shouting: "How disgusting, how shameful, how criminal, how corrupt! This is a hoax. It's a fraud. There is nobody dying." Meanwhile, during the rant, Ben Wyatt whispers to Leslie to "stay strong."

The video instantly went viral on Twitter.

And fans couldn't get over how utterly brilliant it was.

Many said they needed to recover after watching...

"This is outstanding work."

Many are hoping that the viral clip will eventually reach the cast.

Please make this happen.

One woman joked that she's always said Parks and Rec was a documentary.

Another user then chimed in, saying: "As someone who was a summer camp counselor and has also worked multiple customer service jobs, I can confirm."

You can watch the full clip below:

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