Just when you think you've seen it all, someone somewhere seems to think of yet another bizarre product. From denim underwear to "Big Toe" shoes, there seems to be no end to the strange ensembles that designers can come up with.

The next trend to go viral is perfect for the couch potatoes amongst us. For those who want to sit down at their leisure, wherever they are, this product is the perfect solution... a beanbag onesie.

Yep, you read that right.

If you're undeniably lazy, this one if for you. Keep scrolling to get a glimpse of this baffling yet slightly tempting trend...


The fashion industry is no stranger to churning out trend after trend.

From the catwalk to our favorite celebs, many of us want to keep up with the latest fashion-forward trends.

But some of these trends are on the weirder side...

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Whether it's denim underwear or platform crocs, when it comes to fashion, we've pretty much seen it all.

We all remember when onesies became a major trend.

The garments were designed to give us ultimate comfort, perfect for movie days on the couch or even as a fancy dress costume. Though we wouldn't say that they were the most attractive looking ensemble.

They do have their downsides...

They may be comfy, but going to the bathroom in one is a whole other story.

There have been many takes on the classic onesie.

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From wacky patterns and funky characters to loud colors and even crochet (yep), there seems no end to the things that designers come up with.

And now there's a new version of the onesie.

We have to be honest, it's definitely one of the weirder things we've seen...

Beanbag onesies are the latest trend to go viral.

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Perfect for the couch potatoes amongst us who find standing up way too strenuous, the beanbag onesie gives you the freedom to sit down wherever you feel like.

The in-built beanbag provides the perfect seating area.

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Although it does make people sporting the garment look like they've had a dodgy Brazillian bum lift.

The product was invented by ThinkGeek.

via: Odditymall/Thinkgeek

However, sadly, it was made for an April Fools joke, although we're keeping our fingers crossed that this will be a real thing because we'd definitely buy one.

But, you can still watch the "commerical" here:

Beanbag onesies aren't the only strange fashion trend to go viral this year. Keep scrolling to see more weird fashion trends that have somehow taken the industry by storm.