Someone Recorded Their Cat Saying 'Well, Hi!' in a Southern Accent and We Can't Stop Watching It | 22 Words

There's nothing like a talking cat to help us get over the mid-week hump.

I swear once you've seen this video you'll want to watch it over and over and then probably once more before you go to sleep.

There's nothing more magical than a cat making convo.

Continue scrolling to see some amazingly cute cats, including Gambino, the cat that said "Well, Hi!" in a southern accent.

Life doesn't get better than this.

Cats continue to amaze us.

I mean my cat can't have a full-blown conversation with me but she is a pretty decent alarm clock, waking me up at exactly 8 am every morning...9 on weekends.

Many people are convinced their cat can understand them.

In truth, communicating with your cat can be pretty difficult, normally.

My cat is super needy.

Seriously, I can't even leave the room without baby Banjo following close behind. I guess that's love right?

A girl's best friend.

Cats constantly surprise you with their abilities. The other day my cat ate a whole joint of gammon right off the kitchen side... truly amazing.

This cat is in a bowl!

Look at his squished up little paws! But now let's see some talking cats, shall we?

I think I can sort of make out what this one is saying...

To me, it sounds a bit like it's saying "What?" As though it's asking "What do you want?" to whoever is shoving the camera into its face. What do you reckon?

Now this one has got a lot to say...

Unfortunately, I don't think it's speaking English and I haven't got any translators to hand.

This one passes with um, flying colors. So to speak.

The music really makes it.

It seems like these 2 are having a proper chin-wag.

Sadly, it appears they are talking some kind of cat language. Seriously cute though. Very nice. Would watch again.

Is talking to your cat weird?

Even though you know it can't respond, cat owners feel compelled to communicate with their furry friends. But I mean, it'd be weird if you had a cat and just ignored it, right?

Humans can't help but communicate.

It's how we were built, it's all we know!

Chatting to your cat can make you feel less alone.

Although, I guess the fact that they can't respond could make you feel even more lonely.

Television has given us talking cats.

This trope has left many cat owners with the glimmer of hope that one day they might have a cat that can talk.

Meet Gambino.

Now, this might look like a regular cat, in fact, it looks a bit like my baby Banjo, but unlike my needy ball of fur, this ginger guy can talk.

Naturally, Gambino has a lot of adoring fans.

I mean this cat is truly breaking boundaries in the evolution of the house cat.

"Well, Hi!"

Hey there to you, Mr. Gambino! For more cat content, continue scrolling to discover the new cat open-world video game that will blow your mind.