Someone Tested the ‘Home Alone’ Traps on a Dummy and It’s Savage

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While the holidays can sometimes bring along insane stress with gift shopping, travel, and family members, there is a beacon of light during the holiday season: Christmas movies. No matter how overwhelmed you become, there’s nothing lovelier than cozying up on the couch with a blanket, a warm cup of hot chocolate and a holiday favorite.

There are so many classic Christmas movies– whether you’re a diehard Die Hard fan or more of a Love Actually fan, there’s something for everyone. We all have our different tastes, but I bet it’s safe to say that most of us grew up watching Home Alone every Christmas. Even if you haven’t seen it in ages, whenever somebody yells, “KEVIN!” or says, “Buzz, your girlfriend,” you know they’re quoting the iconic holiday film. The film is a family favorite for the holidays.

It’s full of memorable lines and characters. We all know it so well.

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are hilarious as the pair of robbers, dubbed the “Wet Bandits.”

This scene still makes my skin crawl. Can you imagine having to act in it? No, thank you.

And because it’s a movie, we don’t bat an eye at how “realistic” these traps are. Or what damage they could do in real life.

Have you ever wondered what the traps would do to a person in reality?  

The Vsauce3 team decided to recreate the traps in Home Alone. The results? Let’s just say they were…

A human would suffer serious injuries from the traps Kevin McCallister set in his house.

They decided to test two of the traps that Kevin sets in the movie. Thank goodness they tested the traps on a dummy and not a real person.

Kevin gets this door handle so hot that it’s glowing red. He’s an 8-year-old scientific genius.

Kevin puts the lighter on the interior knob, and it gets so hot that the exterior knob is heated as well.

But wouldn’t the door get hot too and potentially burst into flames?

To test it! The team and Jake made the lighter nice and hot and hung it on the interior door knob.

But at that point, the exterior door knob only reached about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

And yet still, the exterior door knob wasn’t getting hot enough. How did Kevin do it?!

But the exterior door knob was only reaching around 115 degrees. Of course, this wouldn’t be fun to touch, but it’s not quite glowing red.

They used pork belly, which has a similar thickness to a hand. They held the meat on the door handle for 3 seconds, like in the movie.

And pretty similar to what happens in the film. However, in the movie, no damage is done to the door.

Which, as Jake points out, would defeat the entire purpose because the conmen could stroll right in. Oh, Kevin. He should’ve really thought this through.

This is one of the most famous traps in the movie. Also, it is my nightmare.

The Vsauce3 team explained that a standard paint can weigh about 13 pounds. At the speed in which Kevin drops the paint can from the top of the stairs, it’s traveling around 20 mph. That sounds painful, to say the least.

As they point out in the video, the force is six times stronger than what it takes to break your nose.  

Kevin is a murderer. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about how sadistic this child is?!

I could watch this video over and over. Why is it so satisfying?

It’s terrifying. Again, Kevin is one sadistic little kid.

You would absolutely be dead.

In the movie, one of the bandits takes a crowbar to the chest of the other bandit, in order to kill the 8-legged spider.

Traveling at approximately 35 mph and weighing around 5 pounds, the crowbar will hit the chest at about 4.5 times the amount of force it takes to break a human rib.

In their test, the crowbar broke through the skin, seven ribs and punctured the lungs and heart.

Technically, you could. BUT AT WHAT COST? You’d have broken ribs, a punctured lung, a punctured heart, a burnt hand, a cracked skull and most definitely a broken nose.

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