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Southwest Airlines Pilot Reportedly Used Anti-Biden Slur Over Intercom

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A Southwest Airlines pilot reportedly used an Anti-Biden slur over the intercom to passengers.

Unfortunately for him, a journalist was on board.

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A Southwest Airlines pilot is in hot water.

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After reportedly using an anti-Biden slur over the intercom.

He reportedly made the comment to passengers as an announcement.

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But unfortunately for this pilot, an AP journalist was also on board the flight.

But what did the pilot say?


He reportedly said: “Let’s go Brandon!” A seemingly innocent string of words but it’s actually a secret slur.

Let’s go Brandon is a phrase used by conservatives to secretly attack Biden.

Colleen Long, a journalist with AP was on the plane, coincidentally while on assignment about the very thing the pilot allegedly said.

She tried to get a comment from the pilot.

However he refused. Long asked the crew to open the locked cabin door, admitting later that she probably sounded ‘insane’.

She was almost kicked off the plane.

The phrase originates from the NASCAR when crowds chanted ‘F*** Joe Biden’ and it was mistaken by some members of the press as ‘Let’s Go Brandon’.