1,000 Piece Space Puzzles Are The Perfect Birthday Gift | 22 Words

Step aside, Netflix. The puzzle pros at Blue Kazoo have launched the latest sensation: three stunning––and unbelievably challenging––circular jigsaw puzzles of the earth, moon, and sun.

Think you have what it takes to solve them? Commit to one set or take it up a notch with all three. But whatever you do, make sure to act fast because these puzzles are known to sell out incredibly fast.

As you wait for your own personal set, here’s the low down on why they will remain a sensation for a long time to come.

They’re insanely realistic…

via: Blue Kazoo

Each 1,000-piece puzzle depicts a planet like you’ve never seen before. Seriously, this level of breathtaking detail can hardly be put into words.

Take the Planet Earth Jigsaw Puzzle, which “depicts night setting over the Atlantic from an altitude of 438 miles."

via: Blue Kazoo

Yeah, even our favorite space movies aren’t this specific. Shh, don’t tell Matt Damon from The Martian.

Thanks to the Terra satellite, this crazy real puzzle gives us an inside look at the sunshine across the Americas coupled with the stunning night sky in cities across Europe and Africa — all at the same time.

via: Blue Kazoo

Did you know the Terra satellite orbits earth once a day and has been gathering data and taking pictures for over 20 years? Yep, that’s how accurate this puzzle is. Considering a trip to space probably isn’t in the cards anytime soon, consider this as close as you’ll get to seeing our gorgeous planet from above.

Oh, don’t even get us started about the magic of the Sun Puzzle...

via: Blue Kazoo

Even if you manage to score a trip to space in the future, we guarantee you’ll never see the sun quite like this. Unless, you know, you have next-level, space-age tech at your disposal. The amount of sheer intensity in this single, 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle is beyond belief — so much so, the only way you’ll truly understand is if you get a glimpse of it in real life.

Then there’s the dreamy Moon Jigsaw...

via: Blue Kazoo

This one shows the moon looking mysterious and fairytale-like. It looks so real it’s as if you could pick up the moon in the palm of your hand or feel each individual, bumpy crater.

And together, they provide the mental relaxation you’ve been craving…

via: Blue Kazoo

Get ready for hours of inspiring screen-free entertainment and mental relaxation. Put each one together and, piece by piece, you’ll see these celestial bodies come together in stunning clarity while forgetting you’ve been stuck in the house for weeks.

It might be worth mentioning that jigsaw puzzles “exercise" both the left and right sides of your brain.

via: Blue Kazoo

The best part is you can’t tell you’re getting a mental workout and bulking up your memory skills and spatial reasoning because it doesn’t feel like a workout. It feels like you're floating gently on your back in a splendid, blue sea of stress-free meditation.

Wait! These puzzles are eco-friendly too?

via: Blue Kazoo

That’s right: Each one is made from high-quality recycled cardboard and packaged with hardly any “puzzle dust." Plus, each image is HD-quality crisp and vibrant and each piece is cut with such precision that the finished puzzle will look more like a photo than a 1,000-piece creation. (You may want to purchase a few frames to hang these babies up once you’re done.)

The real question is: Do you have what it takes to bring these mind-blowing puzzles to life?

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There’s no doubt that spending hours attempting to construct each puzzle would be worth it, but do you have what it takes? These are three of the most *puzzling* puzzles on the market right now––and for good reason.

The best part?

via: Blue Kazoo

Once you finish one (or all!) of these beauties, they are guaranteed to make a great addition to your home. Oh, and did we mention they are on sale if you buy all three? Get all three limited-edition puzzles before they’re sold out by clicking here.