Great Halloween Party Snacks to Make This Year

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Halloween is coming, and it’ll be here before you know it! It’s time to start making plans for how to celebrate the most hallowed eve of the year!

If you’re going to host a Halloween party, you need some food. Actually, you’re going to need to eat something even if you’re not hosting a party, so you may as well make some thematically appropriate food!

While you could serve regular old party food like chips and dip or cocktail weenies, I think we can all agree that making Halloween-specific food would be so much more fun — both for you while you’re making it and your guests while they eat it!

So stretch out those fake cobwebs, tape up the orange and black streamers, and get your spooky Spotify playlist on. Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re going to make some themed food.

This should be you right about now:

Here are some of the best Halloween-themed snacks I found on the Internet! If you need further instructions, click right on the images.

1. Ghostly Strawberries

This recipe can be completed with only three ingredients and a few minutes of your time. All you need to do is dip strawberries into white chocolate, then add some candy eyeballs.

2. Frankenstein’s Monster Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are my favorite dessert of all time. Naturally, I dye them green and add chocolate to make these monster versions for Halloween. I’m actually considering doing this year-round!

3. Apple Monsters

For a slightly healthier snack, you can make these apple monsters! Cut a mouth into an apple wedge and add peanut butter. You can use either almond slivers or sunflower nuts for the teeth, and a strawberry or grape slice for the tongue. Candy eyeballs make another appearance, too!

4. Mini Donut Spiders

OK, you should buy a bunch of those candy eyeballs, because a lot of these recipes call for them (and they’re cute). These spiders can be made with pretzel pieces, chocolate sprinkles, and (obviously) more candy eyeballs.

5. Vampire Donuts

Here’s another fun doughnut treat! For this simple treat, add plastic fangs to the center of the donut. Candy eyeballs are optional but encouraged.

6. Mummy Jalepeño Poppers

Jalepeño poppers are always a huge hit at parties. Why not give them a mummy twist for Halloween?

7. Eyeball Cookies

These might be favorite snacks on the list. Make some fun-colored sugar cookies by dyeing the dough with food coloring. Bake them, then gently press in candy eyeballs after you remove them from the oven.

8. Spider Cookies

Look at them! They’re little spiders! And they’re cookies! All it takes is some mini peanut butter cups, some chocolate icing, and as you’ve almost certainly already guessed: some candy eyeballs.

9. Witch Fingers

There are two ways you can make this recipe: Find a witch and chop off their fingers, or dip pretzel rods in dyed chocolate and attach almond slivers to represent the fingernails. It’s up to you, of course, but I recommend the latter.

10. Sugar Cookie Cake

It’s a cookie. It’s a cake. Candy is involved. Enough said.

11. Oreo & Strawberry Witch Hats

Whoever discovered that an Oreo combined with a strawberry makes the shape of a witch’s hat is my personal hero. This is absolutely brilliant.

12. “Rotten” Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are the perfect Halloween snack — they’ve got “devil” right in the name! Add a black crackle dye job and green yolk filling, and these will be the star of the Halloween spread.

13. Blood-spattered Oreos

All you have to do for these is flick a bunch of red cookie icing on top of Oreos. It’s literally one step. You can do this.

14. Zombie Brain Cupcakes

These cupcakes aren’t just any cupcakes. They ooze brain slime! Come on!

15. Finger Hot Dogs

Serving finger foods at a party is pretty normal. Serving food fingers, though? Not so much.

16. Spiderweb Cheesecake

If you’re having a slightly more classy gathering, you can’t go wrong with cheesecake. Adding a spiderweb swirl on top is simple and looks really nice!

17. Witch Hat Cupcakes

All this time, ice cream cones have been trying to tell us that they’d make the perfect witch-hat tip. Finally, someone listened.

18. Ghost Cupcakes

Who knew you could make the perfect ghost face with one chocolate chip and two mini chocolate chips?! Well, we all know it now!

19. Oreo Spiders

I either want to eat these little guys or carry them around in my pocket. They’re so cute!

20. Mummy Pretzels

After dipping pretzel rods in white chocolate, swirl some additional white chocolate on top of them. Easy peasy!

21. Bones

Mini pretzel rods, mini marshmallows, and white chocolate. It’s a combo made in Halloween heaven.

22. Witch Hands

Using Hot Tamales for the fingernails is an extra wonderful touch! Plus, who doesn’t love popcorn?!

23. Bug Juice

Green punch becomes bug juice with the simple addition of some toy bugs. It’s as simple as that!

24. Mummy Hot Dogs

Wrap strips of crescent roll dough around a hot dog, and bake until the dough is cooked. These are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

25. Puke-amole

Every party needs guacamole, but that doesn’t mean you have to pile it up in a bowl. This display idea is a bit more theatrical.

26. Googly Eye Cups

OK, this isn’t technically a snack, but it’s such a clever and easy idea that I couldn’t help but include in the list. Glue googly eyes to your cups and every beverage you pour will be spooky.

27. Oreo Eyeball Cake

An iced cake becomes so much more interesting when you add Oreo eyeballs to it, don’t you think? Now you can stare at your cake while you eat it, and while it stares back at you.

28. Nutter Butter Ghosts

As it turns out, Nutter Butters already have the perfect ghost shape. All you need to do is dip them in white chocolate and add a face.

29. Mini Oreo Bats

Cute Halloween snack? Or cutest Halloween snack you’ve ever seen in your whole dang life? Share this with someone who loves Halloween and snacks!