Sports Illustrated has been praised for its diverse runaway that featured models of all sizes and backgrounds. Over the weekend, the sports magazine launched an all-inclusive runway show that included women of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds.

The models took to the stage at the Mondrian Hotel South Beach's Baia Beach Club during PARAISO Miami Beach. After the likes of Jasmine Sanders, Natalie Mariduena and Brooks Nader took to the runaway, fans celebrated.

People took to Twitter to show their support for the runway, with one fan tweeting: "They're all beautiful." "I love it," another person added.

The show also included a surprise appearance from Haley Kalil, co-winner of the first-ever SI Swimsuit open casting call back in 2018.

In a statement to Fox News, Sports Illustrated explained that they are continuing "to redefine the cultural conversation around beauty."

"Sports Illustrated Swimsuit continues to redefine the cultural conversation around beauty by celebrating a diverse group of women who include professional athletes, entrepreneurs, models, mothers, rookies, and swim search contestants.

It's annual Miami runway show which collectively rounds out this remarkable group of authentic and aspirational women has become the go-to show during swim week in Miami."

Among those included in the runway was fifty-seven-year-old model, Kathy Jacobs who is proudly the "oldest and shortest" Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

Jacobs took to Instagram to tell people "it's not too late."

She wrote: "It took me thirty-seven years to be included! Thank you @si_swimsuit for making this possible! This is my message: YOUR NOT TOO OLD. IT'S NOT TOO LATE. YOUR NOT TOO SHORT.

"This is for all of you wonderful women who message me saying you have been trying to model for decades and faced rejection because of your height! This is all of you who have been messaging me saying you were rejected for decades because of your age! This is for all of you who like myself, messaged me saying you were rejected for decades because of your height AND age!"

Previously, the show has been criticized for its lack of diversity. What do you think about their recent runway lineup?