There are many tests and exams that we have to take in our lives, and there are many that we can take to discern how intelligent and quick-witted we really are. Often these tests are bogged down by statistics and questions that no one really knows the answer to, general knowledge that doesn’t seem that general. Well, since the internet came into existence, there have been more and more online services that allow you to test the size of your brain. Recently one has appeared that appears easy, but can truly separate the Einstein’s from the Trump’s. And here’s what it is.

Your brain is a muscle.

If you can believe it, your brain is a muscle. And like all muscles it needs to be tested.

And there are ways to do this.

When you leave school, often the brain begins to miss the exercise education can give it.

But not always.

Obviously those of us who enjoy reading and learning can always keep our brain satisfied. But not all people go home to crack open a new book.

But there are other ways.

If you’re not the biggest reader, don’t worry, your brain can also enjoy the mental challenge of a word search or crossword puzzle.

And jigsaws!

Who doesn’t love a jigsaw puzzle?

There’s a reason they give them to us as children.

Because jigsaw puzzles help to develop our brains. They help us to think and work out difficult situations and obstacles.

But jigsaws aren’t for everyone.

However, jigsaws are not as popular as they used to be.

Especially with the rise of computers.

I mean, who wants to do a puzzle when you can binge Freaky Eaters on YouTube?

But there’s a new way to challenge your head muscle.

Yes, you can now challenge your brain in less than ten minutes.

But don’t be fooled.

The exercise we are showing you may look simple, but some find it very difficult. So there’s no shame in taking your time.

It all helps to stimulate your brain.

At the end of the day, anything you do is a good workout routine for your brain.

And this is definitely worth it.

So the puzzle is pretty simple in theory.

All you have to do is look at the letters.

Look at the block of random letters and find the letters that make up your name.

Here’s your chance to have a go.

via: themindsjournal

How does that look?

Confused? Well don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

If you think you’re going crazy because you can’t find your name among the letters, it’s because you’re not looking for your name.

I know, it’s kind of mean.

via: themindsjournal

But if you were of high intelligence you would have realised that the block of letters contains the phrase ‘YOUR NAME’ – three times.

But this doesn’t mean your dumb.

I’m sure some of you probably feel rather foolish after trying to look for your actual name in the puzzle – well don’t worry about it.

Because you’ve just helped your brain.

Because simply looking for your name among the letters can help warm up your brain muscles.

So you’ve already done a lot.

Well done! You just exercised your brain.

So don’t let your brain down.

I understand that these things can be difficult, well it doesn’t matter because it all goes to help your brain grow and bloom.

And there’s so much more you can do!

There are riddles, sudoku and image puzzles.

Or you could try the shortest IQ test ever!

Yes, you can actually do this! And the IQ test only contains 3 questions!

Here it is.

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Look hard?

Each question may look small, but they contain a lot.

The basic idea behind this test is for you to address a problem that may appear simple on the surface, but then holds a lot more meaning to it in the long haul.

Try it! You may be a genius!

Of course solving the problems in a small amount of time shows just how intelligent you are.

But again, don’t worry!

But don’t be upset if it takes you hours, because it all goes to helping expand your brain.

It’s like jogging.

The first time you go for a jog, you get sweaty and tired really quickly but over time your body adapts – well so does your brain.

And it doesn’t really matter.

There is no law saying that you have to be a genius to survive in our world.

Just give them a go for fun!

You may surprise yourself.

Or you could watch someone else do the test?

Now that sounds fun!