History has been made this week as St. Louis elected their first-ever Black female mayor...

And people are overjoyed by the amazing news.

Tishaura Jones is the new mayor of St. Louis, Missouri.

The outspoken Treasurer of St. Louis won Tuesday's general election and defeated Alderwoman Cara Spencer with 51.7 percent to Spencer's 47.8 percent, based on unofficial results posted on the city's website.

Since 2013, Jones has served as the Treasurer of St. Louis; the first woman to ever hold the position...

And as a member of the Democratic Party, Jones was previously elected to the Missouri House of Representatives to represent the 63rd district in 2008, in which she served until 2013 when she stepped down to take office as treasurer.

Jones has worked tirelessly over the years to help improve the city of St. Louis and make it more progressive...

And she has used her time in office to start new programs in the city, including educating citizens on financial literacy, and a program that uses parking meter revenue to give public school kindergarten students savings accounts to help them afford a college education.

​Jones will replace incumbent Mayor Lyda Krewson, St. Louis's first female mayor, who announced in November that she would not seek a second term.

But this new job will come with a lot of new challenges for the former treasurer.

The population that peaked at 856,796 in 1950 is now just above 300,000...


​And people are still leaving for the suburbs.

Businesses, including downtown restaurants and shops, are still struggling to recover from Covid-19 shutdowns which are going to take months - if not years - to repair.

But no crisis is as important as curbing violence, especially killings.


Police statistics show that 262 people were killed in St. Louis last year alone — 5 fewer than the record of 267 set in 1993. But because the city's population has declined sharply since 1993, the per capita homicide rate was much higher in 2020.

"St. Louis, this is an opportunity for us to rise," Jones said in her victory speech.

"I told you when I was running that we aren't done avoiding tough conversations. We are done ignoring the racism that has held our city and our region back."

"I will not stay silent when I spot racism."

"I will not stay silent when I spot homophobia or transphobia. I will not stay silent when I spot xenophobia. I will not stay silent when I spot religious intolerance. I will not stay silent when I spot any injustice," she said.

Congratulations, Mayor Tishaura Jones!

We're excited to see what she'll do for the future of St. Louis and we're sure she's going to do an amazing job.