If You Were Stabbed By a Pencil And Still Have a Mark, You're Not the Only One | 22 Words

This is one of those topics that are funny and disturbing at the same time.

People all over the internet are sharing photos of their pencil lead marks. Someone, sometime in school stabbed them with a pencil and years later they still have "tattoos" to remember them by. Some of them admit they actually stabbed themselves!

The most common places to find such "tattoos" are on hands. But a lot of people have them on their legs and even faces. You can't help thinking that those marks didn't get there just by accident.

So I decided to find out why so many people had stabbed themselves or others in school with a pencil, and how people have tried to remove the mark.

These are some of the finest real-life horror stories. It's so insane how common they are that I almost feel left out from the "fun."

Mirror compares this sharing of pencil "tattoos" to a scene in Jaws.

"Like the famous scene in Jaws where Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss compare scars from their close encounters with sharks, users [...] quickly joined in and began sharing their own experiences with pencils."

Some got them by genuine accident.

Amila said on Mothering, "When I was in 4th grade I dropped a freshly sharpened pencil on my knee and the tip broke off in my skin. It is still there (I am 24) Doesn't bother me. I hope it wasn't lead."

Irlittle said, "Me, too! I've got a piece of pencil 'lead' in the heel of my palm. Been there since 4th grade. It's so deep, there's no way that sucker's coming out!"

Pumpkin added, "When I was a kid I stepped on a pencil, it flipped up in the air, and the tip came down on the top of my big toe. There was this grey mark but no evidence of a break in the skin. Short of cutting my toe open, no one had any idea how to get rid of it. The mark is still there 25 years later."

Momto: "I am 32 when I was about 6 I disobeyed my mom and ran with a pencil in my hand. I of course fell leaving a black mark in my cheek. At least it missed my eye. Needless to say I then understood what my mom was talking about. I am pretty sure it gone now after all these years."

Sarahmck: "When I was about 8 or 10, I sat down in the front passenger seat of my parents' car and there was a pencil stuck in the little mechanism at the side of the seat that allows you to recline it. The pencil had fallen in and was point up. I sat on it. Guess where my little blue/black dot is?"

Some get it at a very early age.

Hazelnut also said on Mothering, "Sadly, my son has a little blue mark on his chin from a blue colored pencil (no I don't let him play with pencils but he is quite the little dickens with forbidden objects). Anyway when I took him to the ped right after, they said it's like a tattoo and will not fade or come out. Not what I wanted to hear. It's been over a year and it hasn't faded in the least."

Some got one in their eye.

from AskReddit
Node1729 shared on Reddit, "[I] got pencil stuck in [my] eye. I didn't lose any eyesight from it at all. I have horrible vision though. I don't think it's visible anymore, but it was pretty damn painful. I was like 6 at the time. Stupid stuff happens when you're 6. But no, I was lucky enough for it not to hit the pupil of my eye, just very far to the left of it. Also, it was not just a small scratch, there was a decently sized chunk of my eye missing." Dandw12786 joked after reading this, "If that ever happened to me I'd nuke everything."

Some have got more than one of these "tattoos."

Jeremiugh: "1. I call it my first tattoo. I was like 12, my best friend Franky and I were running down a hallway and for some reason he had the sharpest pencil ever in one hand, tripped and of course this pencil goes straight into my forearm. The whole tip of lead broke off into my arm and has been there ever since. 2. I had a mechanical pencil sticking up in my pocket when I was in high school. I go to grab in... boom! Right in the palm."

Some got it because... boredom is dangerous.

from AskReddit
One Reddit user shared how they got the permanent tattoo: "Tossing it in the air so it spun around, then clapping my hands together to catch it. The first few times ivcaught it like this: | The last time I caught it like this :__" Skitskatskoodledoot: "Mine is vey similar. 7th grade. Flipping a pencil up then slamming it onto the table with my hand to keep it from rolling away. For the whole period I slammed it like this: ____ The last time I slammed it like this: |"

Some got it as a "thank you" gift.

McJoben33: "I was a freshman in high school sitting in geometry class. Was pretty good at math so always sat in the back and didn’t pay attention much. One day the kid sitting in front of me in class asked me a question about the homework which I gladly helped him with. To thank me, he gave me a fist bump but little did I know he had his mechanical pencil purposefully placed between his fingers and smashed my hand with it. Now I have a big grey freckle looking mark on my knuckle. Thanks, Daniel, you dick."

Some are finding it hilarious after all these years.

Syringistic: "I had a piece stuck underneath my skin like 12-15 years ago but it's since disappeared; I am sure my bones absorbed the graphite and now are made of graphene." MiscWalrus: "Bone doctor here: Yep, that's how it works!" pmMEyourBUTTCHUGS: "Person with bones here: I concur!" Nerdyoctopus21: "I should have concurred." jay2puggle: "Why didn’t I concur?"

Some have made mortal enemies because of a pencil.

Borari: "I got stabbed by Aaron Geschire in the heel of my right hand when I was in 1st grade, 1993 or 1994. I didn't have it coming, I was just minding my own business. Fuck you, Aaron. His family moved so I never got that bitch, but I probably started a lot more fights than I ever needed to because I wasn't going to get got first. I have some in my pinky finger also, I honestly have no recollection of how that got there."

Is it boredom or is it school, though?

DoodieDialogueDeputy: "In 4th grade I made these 'slingshots'. [...] I'm amazed nobody lost an eye, actually. Anyway, I showed it to this kid who took it and immediately shot me, which I blocked with my hand. I kicked his ass at recess. It's in my middle finger."

Some stories are simply hilarious.

Gothiclg: "My dad has 2. One from when he was in elementary school, the 2nd when he was showing how he got the first one stuck in his hand." Outofmylemon: "Kinda like the guy that won the lottery, reenacted it, and won again... Except with pencils... And no money involved. Cool."

Beretot: "Or the guy who did a handstand, landed on his head, went to the hospital, got discharged, went to tell his family why he got to the hospital, got back to the hospital to find the same nurse laughing so hard she couldn't breathe."

Andyphill: "Or that drunk guy who stole a plane and then landed in Manhattan then did it again when a guy didn't believe him when he was at a bar." pokeme23: "But you left out the best part: he landed the plane on the street in front of the bar." _Sbirby: "You think those guys have led in them too?"

Some have found their pencil marks disappeared with time.

newsheriffntown: "I am 64 and got one stuck in my left hand in elementary school. I don't think it was the actual lead but the remnants of it. It had been in my hand all of my life and it wasn't until the other day I realized it was gone. How did that happen?"

And nobody knows why.

OldGuyzRewl: "Same here. I'm now 72, and the black spot on my arm from being stabbed with a freshly sharpened pencil when I was 8 disappeared some years ago."

Some stories are plain horrifying.

hdt19: "This kid in middle school used to always try to stab me with his pencil and he did a couple times, he was a jerk. Anyways, he is now in prison after he stabbed his brother, so I guess I was lucky he only used a pencil on me."

Really terrifying.

ifuckinglovecoloring: "I had a rather large kid in the 2nd grade threaten to kill me with a pencil. He would stalk me on the playground and hold one up and tell me how he was gonna kill me with it. It was surreal and I think I told a teacher but I don't really remember anything coming of it. He was pretty much a bully to everyone and the last I recall of him was in the 7th grade when I witnessed him beating up a kid because he didn't like the way he looked. Probably had a rough home life I guess."

ZeD00m: "I got in an argument with a kid in the 2nd grade and he threw a pencil at me. I raised my hand to block it but it stuck right in the middle of my palm and the tip broke off. It's still there."

She added, "EDIT: To clarify, I was also in the 2nd grade at the time. We were 7/8 years old. Also I’m female." RoastedToast007: "How f*cking hard did he throw that pencil?"

ZeD00m replied, "With all the might a 7 year old could muster."

I agree with sjriedel who, after reading this whole thread, noticed: "Jeez it sounds like y'all were trying to murder each other."

Kids are violent!

goalieamd: "Allison P stabbed me with her mechanical pencil in 1st grade because i wouldn't let her keep one of my colorful erasers that my mom bought me."

But boredom at school seems to be the leading cause of pencil "tattoos."

PlacurBetz said, "I was learning to spin a pencil over my thumb in science class (8th grade). I didn't want the pencil to make a sound when I dropped it because the teacher was already pissed at me for being talkative during class. I slammed my hand down to catch the falling pencil and it stabbed me at the base of my hand. I bled my way to the nurse's office and got a bandaid. The mark is still there, though it's faded over the years."

One person tried to treat the injury at home to prevent one such "tattoo."

Vikki Soros: "I used a needle that was sterilized (some first aid kits have them already to go in them) and gently picked the lead out. Afterwards I used peroxide to clean the area up and then covered it with a small bandaid. Just keep an eye on it the same way you would any foreign object you get under your skin and keep it clean and free of dirt. You want to make sure, like anything you get under your skin, that it heals. You can also put a little antibiotic cream on it I suppose if you don't have peroxide or alcohol on hand."

University of Utah conducted an interview with a doctor to find out if a pencil stab can cause lead poisoning.

Dr. Troy Madsen is an emergency room physician at the University of Utah Health.

Dr. Madsen: "I remember distinctly as a kid, growing up in elementary school, and I don't know how this happened, but some kid threw a sharp pencil across the room and flung it, and it stuck in another kid's forehead, just stuck there."

"And I remember that kid had, basically, a mark on his forehead for quite a while after that and actually had some of the lead in his forehead as well. And you could see that lead there for quite a long time."

Even the interviewer had had a similar experience.

He said, "I did the same thing with my leg. I have lead that you can still kind of see the dark discoloration in my leg, but it's not really... And I think that's what freaks people out. They think, 'Oh, lead, lead poisoning,' but it's not really lead, is it? It's graphite, isn't it?" Dr. Madsen agreed, "It's graphite, exactly. And it's not lead that's going to cause lead poisoning."

Lead poisoning is what worries people the most when they get pencil debris in their skin.

Dr. Madsen continued, "You could take, say, a pen or you could take something else and cut yourself, and you have a little cut there and you think to yourself, 'Okay, that's fine. I'm going to put a little bit of antibiotic ointment on here. It's going to get better.' But then, you throw in the whole lead thing and people think, 'I'm going to get lead poisoning from this.'"

"It's graphite. It's not really lead in the sense we think of lead poisoning. And when you think of lead poisoning, you're talking typically about houses that have old lead paint so houses built anything prior to 1978. And there, you're talking about young kids who can then be kind of walking around, like toddlers, around near the ground putting stuff in their mouth."

"So even if this were lead that were concerning from a pencil, such a small amount, but again, it's not. This is more graphite. We're not talking about lead poisoning here so the lead itself is not a reason to go to the ER."

Dr. Madsen also gave advice on what to do if you get stabbed with a pencil.

"Treat it like you would anything else that stabs you. If you're having neurological issues, if it affects a nerve, if it affects tendons, if it's deep where it's going to potentially affect anything internal. Anything beneath the surface, yeah, go to the ER, but otherwise, the lead itself is not something you should be concerned about."

So it seems that the pencil "tattoos" are nothing to worry about.

If you have no way to remove it and it's stuck in your skin forever... just get a real tattoo around it.