The Starbucks employee that was fired for sharing a customer's intense coffee order has spoken out about all the drama surrounding the fiasco.

Coffee is one of life's simplest pleasures... Or is it?


Some people take their order way too seriously, listing off multiple extra ingredients for their daily fix, but after one Starbucks employee shared one of the craziest orders he ever received, the conversation around cold drinks has been taken to a whole other level.

It all started when he shared a snapshot of what he has to deal with as a barista.

The photograph, which has now been deleted from Twitter, showed an order for "Edward" who had an extensive list of demands, thirteen if we're being exact, for his drink including (but not limited to) extra caramel drizzle, extra whipped cream, extra ice, extra frapp chips, and heavy cream.

And just in case it wasn't sweet enough, the customer also requested more caramel sauce, but 7 pumps of the "dark" version.

Now, I'm pretty sure you're thinking exactly what I am...

(That drink is a heart attack waiting to happen...)

But hey, each to their own, right? I ain't the one paying for it.

However, there's a fine line between having a preference and being an a**hole.

And Josie admitted it's complicated orders like the one above that make his job at Starbucks much harder.

After Josie shared the order online, other people hopped on the trend and started sharing wild orders they've witnessed throughout their lives.

So many crazy coffees flew in... with many even trumping "Edward's" list.

I don't know why but the one above actually made me angry.

Anyway, Josie said he's used to getting wild drink orders and this isn't even the most unique one he's gotten: "As far as the 'wildest drink' I've had to prepare, it was a hot americano with a sticker*the size of my palm full of customizations. I didn't take a picture because we were very busy."

But this one, he did manage to capture and post on social media where everyone seemed to share his pain.


After the conversation was ignited, the post went viral and of course, his employers saw it which led to a very awkward conversation.

Josie was fired due to Starbucks' social media policy but he said he has "no regrets."


Speaking to Inside Edition, the former barista said he has no regrets, "because I feel like it brought some light upon how crazy orders can be."

The outlet also spoke to the anonymous "Edward" and got his response to the fiasco.

When asked "People are going to look at this and say what kind of a jerk orders something like this from a barista, a hard-working barista, at Starbucks?" he replied with this: "I don't consider myself a jerk, especially if you tip well. So, you know, a $5 tip, I feel like that's probably almost 30%."

I mean, you're still pushing it, Ed.


"Once I was made aware that my order had gone viral, I found Josie on Instagram and reached out to make sure he didn't get into any trouble for posting it," said the project manager.

It was reported that the two viral stars met up and had a very pleasant interaction.

"I wanted to let him know that he didn't do anything wrong," he added. "It's definitely an order people could find funny."

So, if there are any life lessons to be learned, it is to go easy on your baristas.


They're probably dealing with orders like that on a daily basis.

Even though Josie is currently jobless, we think he'll be fine without his barista job.

We wish him, and "Edward" all the best.

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