9. Bee with Heart Stainless Steel Tumbler 20oz. | 22 Words

Now that Christmas is officially over, it's time to take down the festive decorations and get back to your boring old life... Or is it?

Well, it isn't if Starbucks can help it.

Keep scrolling to catch a glimpse of their amazing new range of Valentine's Day "Bee Mine" mugs and tumblers. They make for a totally perfect gift idea for your besties and loved ones.

We're now well and truly into 2021.


Christmas is now over and the buzz of festive excitement seems to be dying down.

But I have some good news for you...

Starbucks has decided that, rather than being blue about the end of the festive period, we should start looking forward to a different occasion: Valentine's Day.

That's right folks, the next holiday on our list is February 14th.

For some, it may not be marked in your calendars because who really cares about spending an extra day with the person you already spend all year with, right? But I have a solution.

Maybe you could change it to the day you gift someone something special...

Like Starbucks' new line of mugs and tumblers! Keep scrolling to see what pretty designs they have to offer in their new range...

This should bring some extra excitement back into your life!

People around the country have noticed them popping up on their Instagram feeds and now we're all wondering where we can get our hands on some.

And things only get better when you actually see the beauties.

Some people have already had a glimpse of the new Valentine's Day merch and they took to Twitter to leave their reviews.

And no one had a bad word to say...

I too, will be getting one...

And of course, Facebook users also got in on the action.






I bet you're just itching to see them...

So, without further ado, here they are!

9. Bee with Heart Stainless Steel Tumbler 20oz.

US Shopping / Starbucks

8. Bee Mine Stainless Steel Bottle 13oz.

US Shopping / Starbucks

7. Mini Bee Bearista Plush Key Chain.

US Shopping / Starbucks

6. Bee Mine Tumbler 16oz.

US Shopping / Starbucks

5. Honey Bee Water Bottle 24oz.

US Shopping / Starbucks

4. Honey Bee Stainless Steel Cold Cup 18oz.

US Shopping / Starbucks

3. Bee With Heart Cold Cup 16oz.

US Shopping / Starbucks

2. Honey Bee Mug 3oz.

US Shopping / Starbucks

1. Honey Jam Mug with Spoon 355ml.

US Shopping / Starbucks

Right now, they're only available in certain stores in Asia...

But can be available for US delivery, ranging between thirty and seventy dollars - so you can still get your hands on the limited edition pieces if you wanted to.

Happy shopping!