Start Reading 3x Faster For Less Than $20 | 22 Words

Who doesn't want to read faster? It can help with almost every aspect of your life, from reading for pleasure to work. The 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle can improve your reading speed and comprehension for just $19.

This bundle includes two amazing products at this low price. The first, 7 Speed Reading EX 2018, will have you reading 3.471 times faster and comprehending it all. Just upload any article, website, text file or PDF from your library and this software helps you learn how to read it quicker and more efficiently. Progress reports will help you track your improvement, and there's the ability to sync and access your library everywhere.

There's also a lifetime license to Spreeder CX 2018, an app that utilizes RSVP, rapid serial visual presentation, to help you read digital content even faster. Spreeder will have you reading three times faster than your normal speed with its proven techniques.

Use it both offline and online, and take advantage of the customizable reading experience. Or check out the guided training to learn even more speed reading tips and tricks. Currently available for 96% off the $478 MSRP, grab this Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle today for just $19.